Mar 29, 2011

I bought severl domain for get earning...

hi all,
good evening.. :)
this is very cold here in my room.. my law room
by the way.. i don't want talk about my condition but i will share my experience now..
several days ago i have bought several domain with pr. it is about PR3, and i got cheap price, i got avarage 25 - 27 each pr3 domains...

just my secret.. i always try to get niche word including at domain name.. i have bought several domain niche about traveling, music and Law.

now i still try to maintenance all my new site..
i will prepare to make money from PTR and selling blogroll link...

my prediction i will got about $90 for 1 domain by selling blogroll links and blogpost...

so it is about $270 for 3 domain pr3... i bold it this is minimum earning.. :)
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