Mar 7, 2010

Importance of Referrer Logs

Referrer registration is used for Web servers and Web sites to go where people are coming, or for promotional or security reasons. You can find more information that they use search engines to find your site and your customers come from the "sites. In fact, this is the address of the previous Web page link you followed.

By default, most hosting accounts do not include Referrers magazines, but can subscribedd for an additional monthly fee. Web Host, if you do not give a graphical report of your log files, you can view your referrer logs for the site by logging on the server through various free or inexpensive FTP programs, such as:

FTP Explorer:
SmartFTP: hxxp://
FTP Voyager:

The log files can be found on the web server can be downloaded to a computer later. You can enter the analytical tools, such as creating visual reports from log files, so files easier to understand.

Abacre extended Log Analyzer
Move Referrers
Log Analyzer

Files using Word, Word Perfect, TXT or WordPad files even if you have the right tools. This information is very important for business and marketing plans and is not recommended to ignore.

In addition, the identification of search engine using the site or visitors, referrers logs can also tell you which keywords or keyword phrases your customers use to search.

As director of information sometimes violate privacy, some browsers allow users to cancel the launch Referrers information. Prevention and the firewall can also address information for the filter to avoid the diversion of placing a personal Web site. This can lead to other problems, some parts of the site servers to block browser does not move the right information, in an attempt to prevent linking or unauthorized use of bandwidth. Some proxy software gives the top-level address of the site as a conversion goal, which prevents the problem and still do not know the user last visited the site.

Because the driver can easily forged or falsified, but limited application in this case, except
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