Mar 31, 2010

Google PageRank Update... Tomorrow

If no changes, most likely tomorrow is a very highly important days which waiting for by bloggers ..
What day is it?
Yup .. Tomorrow ,1st April 2010 was the day where google doing check all domain, and that’s day is day where google Pagerank update for all existing domain on the internet ...

After a few weeks ago google have done minor update, [one blog of my blogspot got banned], likely and prediction that tomorrow is a major update.
One of the things we need to note is, if your blog is [your domain] last week escaped from a minor update, so be happy ... probably this week your PageRank blog will up and get better pagerank ...
vice versa, Domain which last week was got suffered a minor update, or banned by google, possible to get a plus in this update very small this time ..

Well, from the description above we can predict how pagerank we will get ... whether minor, fixed or increased pagerank ..

As we know, many factors that affect the pagerank is,
1. backlinks,
2. post
3. traffic...

So, we'll see tomorrow...
Hope, all the bloggers get a high PageRank until at least PR4
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