Mar 31, 2010

Google PageRank Update... Tomorrow

If no changes, most likely tomorrow is a very highly important days which waiting for by bloggers ..
What day is it?
Yup .. Tomorrow ,1st April 2010 was the day where google doing check all domain, and that’s day is day where google Pagerank update for all existing domain on the internet ...

After a few weeks ago google have done minor update, [one blog of my blogspot got banned], likely and prediction that tomorrow is a major update.
One of the things we need to note is, if your blog is [your domain] last week escaped from a minor update, so be happy ... probably this week your PageRank blog will up and get better pagerank ...
vice versa, Domain which last week was got suffered a minor update, or banned by google, possible to get a plus in this update very small this time ..

Well, from the description above we can predict how pagerank we will get ... whether minor, fixed or increased pagerank ..

As we know, many factors that affect the pagerank is,
1. backlinks,
2. post
3. traffic...

So, we'll see tomorrow...
Hope, all the bloggers get a high PageRank until at least PR4
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Mar 21, 2010

All about Blog

A journal is fundamentally an online book wherein you can digitally write post your thoughts, ideas, opinions and practically anything that you require group to register. Blogs descend in diametrical styles, formats, and settings, depending on the choice of the mortal. Galore blogging sites, give shapely in features specified as hyperlink, honorable texts, pictures etc. Whatever blogging sites, regularise calculate you to put recording and mp3's on your blogs.

Instead of writing texts, many bloggers opt to head their blogs more frequency neighborly, by using oral phrase entries. This is titled frequencies blogging.

Basically, we can definition that blog are contains below features:

title- which allows you to declare your post
body- this is the substance of your opinion, your opinion written here..
trackback- in this case other sites can be linked endorse to your blog
unceasing link- every article that you indite has a URL
comments- this reckon readers to instal comments on your diary.

One of the advantages of blogging, is that it is prefabricated of exclusive a few templates. Dissimilar, otherwise websites that is prefab up of numerous somebody pages. This puddle it easier for diary users to create new pages, because it already has a fix setting that include: slots for appellation, embody of the call, aggregation, etc.

This is especially effective for ordinal term users, since they can act blogging rightmost off. They can chose from a determine of templates that blogging websites provide.

Anyone who wants to signal a diary can do so by decorous a member of a blogging website of their deciding. Formerly they've transform members, they automatically transform a attempt of that part blogging territory. They can seek finished added bloggers pages, and link them bet to their own blogs. They can also puddle comments on else members' blogs.

Blogging is not meet minor to personalized exercise. There are a lot of blogs that obey a motif such as: sports, sentiment, belief, social statement, etc. These blogs accept on their circumstantial themes. This way blogging becomes a job in which group can assets their knowledge and opinions around a tracheophyte of themes and topics.

Several bloggers still use their blogs as a means to praise. Any authors advertise their books on their blogs. Patch another bloggers, use their blogs to take illumine to currents issues, events, broadcast and catastrophes.

Now in teaching, blogs also recreate an principal leave. Professors use blogging to credit the lessons that they hold discussed and taught. This way, students who who acquire missed classes, can easily overhear up with their assignments.

A lot of entrepreneurs help from blogging by promoting their businesses on their blogs, with millions and trillions of people logging onto the net quotidian, blogging has metamorphose a profitable change. Whatever bloggers who run online businesses assign their wares online. Patch others gain through advertisement.

But by far, the most general diary write is the one that takes the gathering of a private book. This is the humane that is usually old by prototypical reading bloggers. Individuals who need to writing the regular essay of their ordinary lives, poems, rants, opinions, pronounce that blogging offers them a transmission in which to shipping themselves.

Bloggers commonly transmit within themselves. This is one of the appeals of blogging. It creates a grouping of group distribution their ideas, thoughts, and comments with each added.

Blogs varied in topics, themes, and set-ups, can be pioneer in blog directories. Rank minute users who requirement to get an design of what the blogging grouping is all most can feeding through a class of blogs using these directories. This way they'd get an aim of what these blogging communities are equal.

Blogging is hot all over the concern. Blog is stubby for the statue weblog. There are no rules when it comes to blogging. Bloggers individual the freedom to shipping themselves how e'er way they essential, and the uncomparable thing most blogging, is that most blogging sites are atrip.

There are many type of websites that can be choosed from in the net. This supply rank example users the option of joining a blogging agreement that appeals to their interests.

If you want more know about all blog types, you can investigate any blogging directory and you'd get a listing of a lot of blogging sites that are accessible on the net. It's effortless to explore a blogging directory, because it is systematic according to collection. This way you would get exactly what you want to know about blogging.
Blogging is great ways to explain your mind, your opinion and off course your best way to get money online..

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Mar 18, 2010

Money online Via Article Directory

Article directory sites that house free articles. This article is usually there by anyone who holds the copyright to them as a promotional method. Every article has a byline [back link] posted by owners so the reader will know who the article by the author of the article (or blog owner who l) and will be able to contact or visit their website for more information.

This article directory is a good place to make our products so they earn money. By using this method, people who are interested in your product or service, your article, view you as an expert in the subject and will visit your website. Even if you can not write, or no knowledge about a topic you promote (eg to enter your affiliate site), you can always hire a writer to work for you. The quality of written articles will be more expensive in advance, but they will pay for themselves in a short time, either through affiliate sales or selling your own services, and from the moment that is pure profit.

An example in real life. Suppose you have an accountant who works from home. You write an article on the subject of accounting and placed in various articles directories. Readers looking for a topic that you enter will read your article, you'd see that the knowledge and skills needed to do a job for them, and visit your Web site or contact you by e-mail. Your articles will get a new client who may use your services regularly, but guaranteed, would be able to benefit you ...

Furthermore, since you've posted a free article directory, others who affiliate websites about accounting will be using the article on their website. Since it your name to it, will make your blog a lot of backlinks blog of blogs from people who post articles you back

Many article directories for you to enjoy. Best bets for making a copy of each of your articles on any up. Ultimately will contribute to more traffic and customers to your website, which will lead to new orders and profits...mengais dollar
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Mar 17, 2010

Gold Motivation Words From my Best Friend..

mengais dollar Below Short Message that I ever got from my best friend..
He sent this SMS every day… and I like it, cause it has motivated me…
Hope you also will get some new energy and motivation after read this great words..

Gud dai,
it's betta late than neva.

Time is very slow for those who wait,
Very fast for those who are scared,
Very long for those who lament,
Very short for those who celebrate,
But,for those who love,time is eternity.

hv a wönderful day !

gud möning
Have a wonderful and brighter day.

Heart could only love 4 a while, feet could only walk 4 some miles,clothes wont 4ever be in style, but havin' u as my friend is 4ever worthwhile.
hAPpY FriDAy

Just wanna say. . . " " __I__ " " I .+""+..+""+.
% good %"+. " " .+" "+.:.+" morning
may u have a marvelous day 2day. Amin

It's been already morning !
good morning bro and sista,

"Practice yourself in little things, and thence proceed to greater."

A good name will shine forever -- with luph CJ

If one day u get problem..Don't say" Oh GOD I get a big problem.. Plz say" Hi problem,I have a big GOD.
Next everything's gonna be alright. Good morning:-)


Bi9 smilE ('._,')
simPle sMile (",)
hapPy smiLe (-,-)
smiLey smilE c",)
to0thi smiLe ('v')

All of thEse sMile r 4 U,
open this dAy witH smiLe..

Güd mörning My gREat pals
LoVE energizes us by seeing
the good sides only .n never find any negative things... that's why people say it's blind...

Good morning

Let d'sun shines & face it with a grin. Smilers never lose n frowners never win..
Caiyo !!!

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Mar 12, 2010

Why I need Money Online Forum??

For those of us who liked money online, certainly no stranger to forums that discuss about money online ..
Yup .. some master bloggers almost and always used the forum to sell products and facilities to make money and seek a referral of a program ..

You want to know whether the benefits of using the forum?
Here are some benefits that we can get from the forum money online:

1. Science
Here we can find the new science of money online, and learn tricks of a program or thousand ways to earn money online ..
2. for referral
There are much bloggers master who can get a referral for money online programs only by providing information through the forum [off course with referral links] ...
3. selling products.
Familiar, a lot of products that can be sold through the forum ... and this is one effective way to sell ..

But we must be careful in responding about the news / information that we read in a forum .. Also, we must be careful when buying products from forum money online ...

There was some portion of the benefits from money online forum ...
Other days, I will write more all about money online forums details ..

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Mar 7, 2010

The importance of Search Engine

To finish the search engine to your website attract the attention of potential customers. When typing your search topic, quickly, search engines will filter through millions of pages already indexed, which is equal to the change theme. Search game is, so the most relevant in the first place.

Remember potential clients a list of only the first 2-3 results. So, the question is, if your site appears in search engine ranking.

Moreover, they all use the best 6 / 7 search engines and search engines to attract more visitors to websites than anything else. So in the end, it all depends on the search engine is used by customers and how your site.

The words are important role than the expensive online or advertise your site online.

Found that due to the survey, if the client wants to get on the website for information or to purchase products or services, they find your site in one of the following ways:
· They get the first choice of the site via search engines.
· Second, they get on the site by clicking on links from other sites or pages linked to the fact that they are interested.
· Sometimes they get on the site, heard or read one of the item.

That is of course the most common way, a site search engine more than 90% of online users. In other words, only 10% of the people who will monitor the site to search engines other than methods used.

Use the search engine ranking algorithms and each one of the most important rules in the classification algorithm for the location and frequency of keywords on a Web page to check. Remember that giving weightage to halgartaim population (number of web pages, links to your site) link. If three qualified, experienced Search Engine Optimization consultant site to find high ranking work, as much money and can pay for resource experts. With a better knowledge of search engines and how they work, you can also do this by
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Importance of Referrer Logs

Referrer registration is used for Web servers and Web sites to go where people are coming, or for promotional or security reasons. You can find more information that they use search engines to find your site and your customers come from the "sites. In fact, this is the address of the previous Web page link you followed.

By default, most hosting accounts do not include Referrers magazines, but can subscribedd for an additional monthly fee. Web Host, if you do not give a graphical report of your log files, you can view your referrer logs for the site by logging on the server through various free or inexpensive FTP programs, such as:

FTP Explorer:
SmartFTP: hxxp://
FTP Voyager:

The log files can be found on the web server can be downloaded to a computer later. You can enter the analytical tools, such as creating visual reports from log files, so files easier to understand.

Abacre extended Log Analyzer
Move Referrers
Log Analyzer

Files using Word, Word Perfect, TXT or WordPad files even if you have the right tools. This information is very important for business and marketing plans and is not recommended to ignore.

In addition, the identification of search engine using the site or visitors, referrers logs can also tell you which keywords or keyword phrases your customers use to search.

As director of information sometimes violate privacy, some browsers allow users to cancel the launch Referrers information. Prevention and the firewall can also address information for the filter to avoid the diversion of placing a personal Web site. This can lead to other problems, some parts of the site servers to block browser does not move the right information, in an attempt to prevent linking or unauthorized use of bandwidth. Some proxy software gives the top-level address of the site as a conversion goal, which prevents the problem and still do not know the user last visited the site.

Because the driver can easily forged or falsified, but limited application in this case, except
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Mar 5, 2010

Mengais dollar, Talk about "Mind Food"

mengais dollar Dr. George A. Wilson spent more than 40 years in the practice test for some of the thousands of victims of the hysteria and depressive patients and physical illnesses caused by emotional disturbances. He believed that the balance of the acid-base metabolism required for the fine and healthy for your body to increase the nutrients and then work on the bill to feed.
Wrote in A New Slant on diet, Dr. Wilson reported that
(1) is more alkaline in the digestive system, the human nervous system,
(2) the more acidic, it is able to digest nutrients and can combat stress problems. He felt that the balance - that he "no-power" - will help the body resist stress and tension and help heal emotional disorders.
Dr Wilson is a list of stress-tension disorders that interfere with the balance of acidity and alkalinity result. Furthermore, as deletion of the provision of the body of stress Vitamin C - ascorbic acid - needed by the adrenal glands to help increase emotional health. The key to better health, Dr. Wilson believes, avoid the stress state of tension: shock, disappointment is acute, a strong upset, emotional, more fear and anxiety, overwork and inadequate rest.
Dr. Wilson also noted that most people:
(1) more acid in the evening, more coins in the early morning.
(2) acid increased in the summer, in winter tires.
(3) More acid during exercise, more alkaline during the recess.
(4) More alkali cold pain, fatigue, or chronic illness in the beginning.
To contribute to the acid reserve in the morning, in the winter, much to rest, and during the beginning of the disease, Dr. Wilson shows with tonic "" a spoonful of apple vinegar and honey in a glass of water at times. It also recommends that when a person feels tired, irritable, has cold hands and feet (often a symptom of Choked-up, the tension caused by poor blood flow), pain and stiffness, and indigestion.
In addition, they are available fresh juice are well equipped with essential nutrients and the acid needed to maintain the right balance. Of course, Dr. Wilson tonic to your doctor before you get well received. There may be other reasons for the symptoms.
Dr. Wilson brings more balanced meals to help stabilize the metabolism. It recommends the reduction or elimination of starches and sweets, and put the program on his patients:
(1) meat once a day. Other proteins that can be found in other foods.
(2) a piece of wheat, unbleached bread every day.
(3) Select fruit with leaves in the Sun Examples: alfalfa, celery (stalks and leaves), Dandelion Greens, endive, kale, mustaird Greens, turnip greens, watercress, parsley, asparagus, red beet leaves and carrot leaves.
(4) Eat fruit between meals instead of food. Dr Wilson theory: the results are not always clean energy, but they are important and between meals to assist in the preparation of the digestive
another meal. (Note: Further results show that the results are natural sugars help more energy, but Dr.
Wilson in conjunction with other foods, then the energy-effects subsided somewhat.)
Dr. Wilson also warned patients again nervous and NOT a large meal in the evening. The result
toss and prolonged emotional stress.
The doctor is also on the edge of mental depression and hysteria healing by enhancing
nutrition. However, it could report "emotional reinforcement" of the hundreds of patients with
natural foods program.
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Mar 3, 2010

Great 142 Instant Approve Dofollow Blogs

Today I will give you an information about do follow blog.
I think you have understand about do follow blog, so hope you will interest to reach high page rank for next periode…
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* All links have sorted in a excel sheet upon PR.
* There are 40 different domains have used.
* All most every web site need a free registration to put the link. You only need few second to get with an email address. This is the best thing to prevent spammers via automated software.

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as blogger, i usually invest some $$ to increase my money online income, this is internet business, so if we want get real income, better avoid the free stuff... :)

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