Jan 14, 2010

Picjoke.com Best Amazing Effect for Our Photos

This morning I found a fun image editing blog, that very interesting place to give best effect to our photos.
Yup ..
at pickjoke.com we can make add effects to photos online and make amazing effects for our photos very simple and quickly!!
I have tried and get amazing photos there!!
just for your info, Step to make effect from this site is very easy,
1. Just select a model / sample [type of effects photo] as our photo effects
and then ...
2. upload your photos /images
After that we click “create your picture” button...

Tradaaaa…Horray .. now your picture is ready ...!!
After that we can download this picture into our disk
Or if you want to Share it with your friend.
Just copy the url [sample: http://en.picjoke.com/process.php?clipart_id=245&date=2010-01-14&picname=7-en-f818b9df52d727f3eeb8e53ebbf55456.jpg] and send it by mail to your friends.

Beside that, we can save the images to our PC hard drive,
Or if you want to show to your friend, you just copy
links that had been prepared by pickjoke .... [as my step tutorial above]
This application is very interesting and very entertaining and easy to use

This is like a magic for us ...
If you like photo effects for our personal photos, this free online photo effects is the best choice for you to vent your hobby
okay .. you are interesting make some great effects for your personal photo or a photo of your child?
you can decorate photo with striking effect, and just for your know, with picjoke we can get more than 100 effects and every day there are new effects that we can use for our photos ..

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