Dec 22, 2009

Types of Business model

This morning I will give you some information about business model
types which have used by blogger to make money online from internet.
Actually, we can split types of internet business in 5 types..

1. Join an affiliate program
in this model, we must offer some product from company to
readers/customer, we will get commission if readers / customers buy
that product.

2. Webmaster service
as webmaster, we can offer several services program to consumers. In
this case, we can over design blog, offer to blogger who want to
create a content, make a design logo etc..

3. Sell space on your blog
We can sell our space [sample : 125 x 125] on our blog.
If your blog / site have great PageRank and Alexa Rank, I think, more
blogger / webmaster interesting to be advertiser on your blog..
But remember, we must set it worth, in other mean, don’t sell your
link with expensive price…

4. Site Flipping
with selling domain, you can get big money, but we must maintenance
the domain name first, or our domain must be have great spelling and
have good PR, Alexa and backlink..
you can sell your domain at sedo or other market place

5. Sell Own Products
we can build shop online, then we can sell our product there..
it can be digital product like ebook, software or maybe physical
product like CD, Laptop etc

That’s all about business type that we can used for home earnings.
Just get one of them, and try it.

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