Dec 2, 2009

Payment from Blogvertise

this morning i got payment from blogvertise, the legit paidreview program that i ever joined..
yup, after wait about 30 days, today the paid me 10 dollar... its realy meaning of mengais dollar i think :)

its my third payment from blogvertise, total until today, i have reach about 75 dollar from this paidreveiw..
but i think its still small than other blogger ever reach...
but for me.. its enough proven that blogvertise paid us on time..

just for your info,
some paid review give standart minimum payment, but with blogvertise, if your review approved, you will get money after 30 days later…

beside blogvertise, the same way also as rule on reviewme program… but on reviewme, I still get only 15 dollar… not big as on blogvertise, reviewme more difficult for get job…

if you want to try another paid review, you also can join as member on buyblogreviews, this review program more easy, but they only give use lower than reviewme or blogvertise..
buyblogreview only give about 3 – 5 dollar for one product review..

its all depend on your PageRank.. if you have PR 3 and higher, you can get more dollar from Paidreview…..
are already join them??
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