Dec 23, 2009

201 Articles About Money Online

Not seem, today this blog home earnings have successfully made the article as much as 200 articles ...And its my 201 post for this blog…
Whew ..
In hindsight, this blog is:
The first blog I've created
The first blog I learned about blog ..
My first blog to make money through the internet ..
The first blog that generates dollars
The first blog to win the contest ..
The first blog that generate paidreview ..
The first blog that generates 2 dot com domain name ..

Blog mengais dollar is the first blog I created at the beginning of 2008, who had missed and “dead” nearly 6 months ...

on my calculations, total result of my earning from mengais dollar is around 200 dollars ...

Today, blog money online has PR2 and alexa rank 973,000 ...
Hoping to get the dollar more ...
So ..
I claim that is full blog history for me ...
How about you
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