Dec 23, 2009

201 Articles About Money Online

Not seem, today this blog home earnings have successfully made the article as much as 200 articles ...And its my 201 post for this blog…
Whew ..
In hindsight, this blog is:
The first blog I've created
The first blog I learned about blog ..
My first blog to make money through the internet ..
The first blog that generates dollars
The first blog to win the contest ..
The first blog that generate paidreview ..
The first blog that generates 2 dot com domain name ..

Blog mengais dollar is the first blog I created at the beginning of 2008, who had missed and “dead” nearly 6 months ...

on my calculations, total result of my earning from mengais dollar is around 200 dollars ...

Today, blog money online has PR2 and alexa rank 973,000 ...
Hoping to get the dollar more ...
So ..
I claim that is full blog history for me ...
How about you
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Dec 22, 2009

Types of Business model

This morning I will give you some information about business model
types which have used by blogger to make money online from internet.
Actually, we can split types of internet business in 5 types..

1. Join an affiliate program
in this model, we must offer some product from company to
readers/customer, we will get commission if readers / customers buy
that product.

2. Webmaster service
as webmaster, we can offer several services program to consumers. In
this case, we can over design blog, offer to blogger who want to
create a content, make a design logo etc..

3. Sell space on your blog
We can sell our space [sample : 125 x 125] on our blog.
If your blog / site have great PageRank and Alexa Rank, I think, more
blogger / webmaster interesting to be advertiser on your blog..
But remember, we must set it worth, in other mean, don’t sell your
link with expensive price…

4. Site Flipping
with selling domain, you can get big money, but we must maintenance
the domain name first, or our domain must be have great spelling and
have good PR, Alexa and backlink..
you can sell your domain at sedo or other market place

5. Sell Own Products
we can build shop online, then we can sell our product there..
it can be digital product like ebook, software or maybe physical
product like CD, Laptop etc

That’s all about business type that we can used for home earnings.
Just get one of them, and try it.

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Dec 20, 2009

Alexa Rank for Mengais Dollar

todays, mengais dollars blog have reach alexa under 1.000.000!
yup, alexa ran for my money online blog are 972.263, its the best Alexa that ever reach by this blog, although for me, its still must be maintenance cause i still have target for this blog, it must have alexa under 500.000 like my others blog....
So, i can said that my experiences way to reach alexa rank is working...
now, mengais dollar have PR 2, Alexa rank under 1 milion, and backlink about 69. hmm.. its time to get money from paid review program..
below are my ways that i ever do, to reach alexa rank for this blog..
1. Join as member on Entrecard.
2. Be a Maniac dropper...
3. Be advertiser on entrecard.
4. Created and posting article about 3 - 4 articles every week..

if you want to get hight alexa rank, you can try to copied my way...
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Dec 17, 2009

Paid Received....

After created and posting about trekpay on several days..,
finally, this morning I got cash out of 5.62 from trekpayadmin ...
wow ..
this proves that admintrekpay really paid their members ..
and this is certainly makes me, as a free member to keep on click the ads on trekpay to catch the next payment :)
Its PTC that very easy to do ...
It's easier to click on ads than the PTC ...
we just need one click ... a duration of 5 to 8 seconds ...
and one day we'll get 15 to 17 ads ...
we will get point between 1 - 3 Point-per-click, and average, we will get 0.25 of dollars in one day...
for those of you who like free money online, safe and not a scam ...
I recommend to join the this legit job ...
guaranteed after your account contains at least 5.5 dollars ...
they will send the money belongs to you directly through your paypal ...
so what you wait ...
you can join this Great PTC here ...
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Dec 16, 2009

BACO Enterprises,Inc, The High Strength Fasteners for Bridge

We do not realize that every on traveling in big cities like New York Metro Area or New Jersey , or our trips to the office, to the resorts and the rise buildings, we always across the bridges and tunnels, whatever there are large and small bridges and tunnels….

Have we ever thought, that the bridge was needed strong construction, high strength fasteners for bridge, and powerful of tension control bolts, tc bolts??
Do we ever realize, that without the a strong and sturdy construction, and the strength of tension control bolts, tc bolts, the bridge will be easily damaged and collapsed, which is likely to cause human casualties?

Now we need to know that all the bridges and tunnels that require high strength fasteners for bridge, and tension control bolts, tc bolts. One of the big companies that have great experience about it about tension control bolts, tc bolts, is BACO Enterprises,Inc

Companies that have a great experience with fast delivery service and have specializes in High Strength Fasteners for Bridge, Tunnel, Highway, Building, Power and Water Treatment Marine Construction is very experienced and serve Request Information or a Quote on a specific item
so if you are a contractor or person who will or wants to build a bridge or a tunnel, better you open and read all about tension control bolts, tc bolts . There are you will get more and best information about all you need...
i believe after read Baco Enterprises, Inc, you will get more , great and details information about High Strength Fasteners for Bridge....
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Dec 15, 2009

Type The Words Then Get Money..

This morning I have join a program like PTC but its more unique..
This is the new way for me to get home earnings from internet.. new way to get money online…
This program called,
This program is unique, where we have to take such a concentration to type text that appears on the monitor ...[need more concentrated]
so, take time to look to the monitor, cause if we wrong on type the word, it not will be counting as point/dollar…

Different with PTC programs, this program requires us to type a word that every word right and submitted, we will get 0.001 dollars ...
These programs account payout if we've reached 3 dollars ...
and the great thing is this program payout paid Daily!!!, ...
so if one day we can make it 0500 takes 6 days to payout ...
this program without a referral point..
so if you want to join, please go to ...
just try it for new chance to get money from internet….
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Dec 12, 2009

Best Place to Get Money from Casino Online

As we know, a lot of ways to make money through the internet.
one way to get money online but it takes precision and luck is playing online casino ..
just for your info and we must be remember, that playing casino online should take accuracy and knowledge beside the luck ..
We must learning all step by step how to play this game. Must understand all the risk and the benefit if we ready playing online gambling ..
So we must have learning by doing and read some blog or website which give best information about how to playing casino online game.

for that all, if you need information about online casino, Online Casino Gambling Blog is a great place to get more information about casino online and the best place to get all review about casino online..
Why should the Online Casino Gambling Blog?? What we get if we read this online casino gambling blog?
Because there we will be able to find tricks and tips for playing poker online, we can get all tools and complete guide about casino online.. So if we are newbie on this casino online business, I believe we are can be the master if read all information and guide about gambling on this blog.
This blog completely full support us and will explain to us all about casino online, all about we needed as casino online player .. so we never need wasting time to learn step by step about casino online.. Just read and learn from this online casino blog, then we can be best player on casino online..
This blog is best online casino directory that featuring complete reviews of the best online casinos, exclusive bonuses, casino games rules and strategies. display all information and up-to-date online gambling information to make player more easy to selection casino programs. there are also display rating of the best 10 online casinos by our experienced gamblers.
Remember, we must learn tricks and trips are correct so we do not experience failure in playing poker online ..
in Online Casino Gambling Blog we will be able to obtain complete information and guidance on how to play casino online...

so remember, if you want to make money through online casino game, make sure you read make Online Casino Gambling Blog as the source of your inspiration in playing poker online ..

This blog is best online casino directory that featuring complete reviews of the best online casinos, exclusive bonuses, casino games rules and strategies. display all information and up-to-date online gambling information to make player more easy to selection casino programs. there are also display rating of the best 10 online casinos by our experienced gamblers.

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Dec 10, 2009

Trekpay send me 5.62 $... Next Week

As my article have posted yesterday, I have informed that I had payout process in trekpay,
This morning I check the status of my trekpay account balance is 0.29 usd
and the admin inform that "processed $ 5.62 Payout. Payment will be deposited in 7 days."

wow I only need to waiting for the payout send to my paypal account..
hmm. Its must wait 7 days later..
but never mind ...
I hope this information make me believe that trekpay really paid their member as they promised ...

This program is very easy and much easier than usual PTC,
because we just click, and to get the dollars we only need 2 months to clicks ads,
every day it took 15 minutes ... to get credit!!
are you interested ..??
please try to register here ...
Its really free program…
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Dec 8, 2009

My Way to Get Alexa Rank

as an employee who likes money online, it is very difficult to create new articles constantly every day ...
past only thing that could interfere with us to create an article, be it time, ideas and moods ...

As we all know, google loves blog with fresh articles and original ...
so to get the high traffic we have to daily create the article ...

I think that’s the past…
now I'm not dizzy anymore, because to get traffic and increase the alexa, I used entrecard ..
yup ..
with entrecard, after having enough credit, we can increase traffic and alexa our blog with a fellow member advertiser in entrecard ..

to get more quickly traffic I done as below:

1. advertise on blogs that have a good alexa [ranging from 90,000 to 200,000]
2. click / ec drop from 30 to 50 dropp / day ..

I have been doing it for 2 weeks ...
results ...
my alexa for mengais dollar get improved ...
are you want to try this way ..??
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Dec 3, 2009

Today my Trekpay Pay Out Day!!

Today cause there are something must to do, I entered in the office after lunch time, ...
Around one o'clock [afternoon], I came to the office ..
Hmm ... I think you must know what first thing that I do ...
Yup, ..
After checks the office server [as a routine IT job] I immediately open my trekpay account ....
Wow ...
Apparently this day my account had crossed the limit for the payout ...
Yup ...
After all this time, I tried to click on trekpay ads, finally today I can reach 5.62 dollar so its time to pay out. request...
just for your info,This was a side job that takes patience ...but more legit than other PTCs
Almost 2 months I did click trekpay ads every day… [except Saturday and Sunday] ...

Now the pay out status still pending ...
I hope next week my request payout about 5.62 dollars will be send by trekpay admin to my paypal account ..

If you are interest with this program,
You can join here… its free and legit I think…
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Dec 2, 2009

Payment from Blogvertise

this morning i got payment from blogvertise, the legit paidreview program that i ever joined..
yup, after wait about 30 days, today the paid me 10 dollar... its realy meaning of mengais dollar i think :)

its my third payment from blogvertise, total until today, i have reach about 75 dollar from this paidreveiw..
but i think its still small than other blogger ever reach...
but for me.. its enough proven that blogvertise paid us on time..

just for your info,
some paid review give standart minimum payment, but with blogvertise, if your review approved, you will get money after 30 days later…

beside blogvertise, the same way also as rule on reviewme program… but on reviewme, I still get only 15 dollar… not big as on blogvertise, reviewme more difficult for get job…

if you want to try another paid review, you also can join as member on buyblogreviews, this review program more easy, but they only give use lower than reviewme or blogvertise..
buyblogreview only give about 3 – 5 dollar for one product review..

its all depend on your PageRank.. if you have PR 3 and higher, you can get more dollar from Paidreview…..
are already join them??
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