Nov 26, 2009

You Want 1 Dollar Free, Read This..!!

This is an opportunity for us all the newbie who has a blog, have a Facebook account to get free dollars from paypal ..
are You interested?, what is the program...
We must become a member of Facebook application called Wishlist PayPal
Upon registration, we will immediately get 1 dollar from PayPal Wishlist
if we want to get the next $ 1, we must refer this program to your friend who has a facebook account ...
To be able to payout, the total dollars that obtained the maximum $ 100, then automatically, admin Wishlist PayPal will send the dollar into our PayPal account.
But wait ...
If you've reached 100, you must be patient, because your income can only be accepted on February 28, 2010.

How do I sign up?
How to apply:

* Go into your Facebook account
* Open the application Wishlist Paypal
* enter our Paypal email address is already verified, but it seems, unverified allow … ..
* Last thing to do is, make your Wishlist, then share to your friends on Facebook.

it easy right??
So ..
Let join this program here…
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