Nov 30, 2009

I Have Create an original EC card.. :)

This morning I was got an criticism from an EC member [I think he/she care with my blog :) ],,
I accept the criticism that as things to me for more spirit for develop my mengais dollar blog.....
his criticism is as follows:

A site too lazy to make an original card for EntreCard, not worth reading.

he .. he .. he ..
thanks for your criticism,
but I've changed my EC today…...
though not so good ... but, I have to change it right?
about containatoin blog ... hemm ...
I think you do not read my previous article ...
But… never mind..thanks for your criticism ..
I hope later, better you read my other articles first before doing another criticism ..
btw, thank my friend for your critique ...
oh yea ...
as bonus [he..he..he..] ...
I have advertising on your blog EC .. thanks ... :),
With this way, I just share credit for your blog.. :)
eit... i hv check.. hmm..
my friend..[] you never drop ec from my blog right... but never mind, i still want to buy an advertised on your blog.. :)
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