Nov 12, 2009

My Trekpay Earning

This afternoon, Thursday, 11 November 2009 trekpay program ready to update,
and now I will give my earnings reports that I have in trekpay account.
According to schedule, today my earning is 4.59 dollars ..
and this earning is already close to the minimum payout that we can receive from trekpay program.

for payout, we do not need to request, because the funds will automatically be transferred directly to our paypal account. But remember, it is only if the account we have reached at least 5.5 dollars.
Notification of payment send through our email, on a regular basis [on Thursday, they provide payment information to the member]
my estimation, next week my account will reach minimum payout!

so 2 weeks later - hopefully - I can provide paypal proof of payment from trekpay...
hmm ..
hopefully it really paid, as their info, they sent each week to email member ...
are you interest?? you can join here..
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