Nov 5, 2009

My Trekpay Acount report

After yesterday to check PageRank, this morning I will try to post an article every day,
hm .. why I do this,
just for your info, this blog still has Alexa is far from expectations ... but have PR 2 today

This morning I'll come back to report about my trekpay account.
after almost 2 months for clicking on trekpay ads, Thursday morning trekpay dollars on my account is 3.83 ..
This does not include updates that will be conducted this Thursday afternoon by trekpay admin ...
In my estimation, my account will be updated [later in the afternoon] to 4.01 dollar ....
yup, the average, weekly we will get 0.3 dollars, its little for blogger master.. but for me its can be side internet job….
just for your info, this is a distraction to get a free dollar ....
we only took about 20 minutes to click on trekpay ads...
one is interested to register??
Guys, for more detail info about trekpay, you can read and register here ..
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