Nov 9, 2009

My Best PTC..

After a long time did not report about PTC [Paid To Click] program, this morning I will be back to give a little information about the PTC that really paid me although I am is a free member…..
Just for your info,
During join the PTC programs, I prefer as a free member, why?
because for me the PTC, it is just a side job, and not every day I click on PTC ads ...
not lazy, but this is because I do not have enough time to click PTC ads.
Once, I ever have PTC’s account more than 10 !!, but more than 90% are not paying or scam program.. ..
Well ..
for this time I will show you my PTC accounts report .. this baydefeisptc proven paid me as free member....

Until this morning, on my account had accumulated 1.2 dollars.
to cashout I still need about 0.8 dollars ..

OK this is my first little info that I can give ..
just for remembering, that baydefiesptc certainly really paid free member....
If interested in applying, please you can register here ...
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