Nov 6, 2009

Free Email For Our Business

So far, there are some things we've always done in the money online activity, which we do not have to make us aware of the difficulties in manage multiple accounts that we have.
one of them is about free email accounts, in this case gmail and yahoo email.
I am sure, we as bloggers have several email accounts on gmail or yahoo mail for our business activities right?..
however, if truly effective has a lot of email accounts??
what is the standard email account should we have??

based on the experience that I was done, it is not effective to have more than 4 emails account.
because when I have more than 6 free emails account, I find it difficult to manage, even I often forget, which email account that I used for money online for account email on products A, B or C. ..
at that time, I am realy confused, and its make me got some trouble on my online business. Even, I faced that Several my gmail account close by google..!! maybe I have some mistakes .. I don’t really know about it…whereas,that gmail gmail account contains some information and my business account there….. !! oh my… its really bad experience that ever I have…
based on these experiences,
I now have a few gmail account and ..
that all for make arrangements and facilitation of internet business what I do ..
how about you.. how many gmail / yahoo account that you have??
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