Nov 19, 2009

$ 5.02 on My TrekPay Account..

This morning as usual I will give report about trekpay.
after last week I predicted two weeks' pay out, my estimate was about right ...

Today, I trekpay account has reached 5.02 of dollars, so the estimated 0.5 dollars payout again ..
as my estimate, this week I probably will get 0.53 dollars, so next week will transfer trekpay admin 5.5 dollars into my paypal account ..

way to get dollar from trekpay was quite exhausting ...
almost every day click on ads 13 to 17 ads, in 20 minutes ....
now, after about only 2 months my “daily work” will be payout ....
however, for bloger who are interested to get free money, trekpay is one of the easiest ways ..
want to try ..
you can register here ..
Just for your info, Trekpay is more legit than PTC, because, on PTC, I only get 1 – 2 dollar for 2 month… but with Trekpay, we will get 5.5 in two months…!!
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