Nov 30, 2009

I Have Create an original EC card.. :)

This morning I was got an criticism from an EC member [I think he/she care with my blog :) ],,
I accept the criticism that as things to me for more spirit for develop my mengais dollar blog.....
his criticism is as follows:

A site too lazy to make an original card for EntreCard, not worth reading.

he .. he .. he ..
thanks for your criticism,
but I've changed my EC today…...
though not so good ... but, I have to change it right?
about containatoin blog ... hemm ...
I think you do not read my previous article ...
But… never mind..thanks for your criticism ..
I hope later, better you read my other articles first before doing another criticism ..
btw, thank my friend for your critique ...
oh yea ...
as bonus [he..he..he..] ...
I have advertising on your blog EC .. thanks ... :),
With this way, I just share credit for your blog.. :)
eit... i hv check.. hmm..
my friend..[] you never drop ec from my blog right... but never mind, i still want to buy an advertised on your blog.. :)
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Nov 26, 2009

You Want 1 Dollar Free, Read This..!!

This is an opportunity for us all the newbie who has a blog, have a Facebook account to get free dollars from paypal ..
are You interested?, what is the program...
We must become a member of Facebook application called Wishlist PayPal
Upon registration, we will immediately get 1 dollar from PayPal Wishlist
if we want to get the next $ 1, we must refer this program to your friend who has a facebook account ...
To be able to payout, the total dollars that obtained the maximum $ 100, then automatically, admin Wishlist PayPal will send the dollar into our PayPal account.
But wait ...
If you've reached 100, you must be patient, because your income can only be accepted on February 28, 2010.

How do I sign up?
How to apply:

* Go into your Facebook account
* Open the application Wishlist Paypal
* enter our Paypal email address is already verified, but it seems, unverified allow … ..
* Last thing to do is, make your Wishlist, then share to your friends on Facebook.

it easy right??
So ..
Let join this program here…
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Nov 19, 2009

Online Survey, Other Ways to Get Dollar

If you like the make money online by way of an online survey,
We will provide some online survey sites are very good and quite popular.
But remember, the list below is the address of an online survey that was already known by the webmaster, even if later there are several online survey sites that are not so productive, that probably is the effect of the many online survey sites.

If you want to join one of the following onine survey, you must first do some research and read the FAQ and the rules ..
Good chasing dollars through online surveys ..

i will info others latter, better, you try to join them first, and focus on it...
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$ 5.02 on My TrekPay Account..

This morning as usual I will give report about trekpay.
after last week I predicted two weeks' pay out, my estimate was about right ...

Today, I trekpay account has reached 5.02 of dollars, so the estimated 0.5 dollars payout again ..
as my estimate, this week I probably will get 0.53 dollars, so next week will transfer trekpay admin 5.5 dollars into my paypal account ..

way to get dollar from trekpay was quite exhausting ...
almost every day click on ads 13 to 17 ads, in 20 minutes ....
now, after about only 2 months my “daily work” will be payout ....
however, for bloger who are interested to get free money, trekpay is one of the easiest ways ..
want to try ..
you can register here ..
Just for your info, Trekpay is more legit than PTC, because, on PTC, I only get 1 – 2 dollar for 2 month… but with Trekpay, we will get 5.5 in two months…!!
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Nov 18, 2009

Best Site to Get Backlink

As we know [and off course blogger understanding about it] that getting backlinks from blogs with have high PageRank can make our blog rocket to high PageRank.....that is meaning that blog can be monetize !!
Well for those purposes, on the Internet has provided a social bookmarking site that can use for get backlink, and its Do-Follow ..
Of course to get better backlink from the site and up our blog pagerank ..
Here are some websites that use social bookmarking with have DoFollow tag (PR8) (PR7) (PR8) (PR7) (PR6) (PR7)

lets try to get quality backlink...!!
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Nov 12, 2009

My Trekpay Earning

This afternoon, Thursday, 11 November 2009 trekpay program ready to update,
and now I will give my earnings reports that I have in trekpay account.
According to schedule, today my earning is 4.59 dollars ..
and this earning is already close to the minimum payout that we can receive from trekpay program.

for payout, we do not need to request, because the funds will automatically be transferred directly to our paypal account. But remember, it is only if the account we have reached at least 5.5 dollars.
Notification of payment send through our email, on a regular basis [on Thursday, they provide payment information to the member]
my estimation, next week my account will reach minimum payout!

so 2 weeks later - hopefully - I can provide paypal proof of payment from trekpay...
hmm ..
hopefully it really paid, as their info, they sent each week to email member ...
are you interest?? you can join here..
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Nov 10, 2009

Time to Play Game...

As blogger, some time we also get “head case” if face some trouble..or lost money when play forex or others money online..
And I also understand that we as blogger 90% like playing game online or offline..
Why ??
Because we are know, that playing game online or offline, can refresh our mind.. right??
This time, I only want to share with you about some address that can be use by us for get game online…

So if you are really game mania or only playing game for refreshing, this addres can be help us to find great game online / offline…
None of the Above

Lets playing game now..
Ignore all problem …. And lets play..after that, we can try fight to get money online !!
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Nov 9, 2009

My Best PTC..

After a long time did not report about PTC [Paid To Click] program, this morning I will be back to give a little information about the PTC that really paid me although I am is a free member…..
Just for your info,
During join the PTC programs, I prefer as a free member, why?
because for me the PTC, it is just a side job, and not every day I click on PTC ads ...
not lazy, but this is because I do not have enough time to click PTC ads.
Once, I ever have PTC’s account more than 10 !!, but more than 90% are not paying or scam program.. ..
Well ..
for this time I will show you my PTC accounts report .. this baydefeisptc proven paid me as free member....

Until this morning, on my account had accumulated 1.2 dollars.
to cashout I still need about 0.8 dollars ..

OK this is my first little info that I can give ..
just for remembering, that baydefiesptc certainly really paid free member....
If interested in applying, please you can register here ...
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Nov 6, 2009

Free Email For Our Business

So far, there are some things we've always done in the money online activity, which we do not have to make us aware of the difficulties in manage multiple accounts that we have.
one of them is about free email accounts, in this case gmail and yahoo email.
I am sure, we as bloggers have several email accounts on gmail or yahoo mail for our business activities right?..
however, if truly effective has a lot of email accounts??
what is the standard email account should we have??

based on the experience that I was done, it is not effective to have more than 4 emails account.
because when I have more than 6 free emails account, I find it difficult to manage, even I often forget, which email account that I used for money online for account email on products A, B or C. ..
at that time, I am realy confused, and its make me got some trouble on my online business. Even, I faced that Several my gmail account close by google..!! maybe I have some mistakes .. I don’t really know about it…whereas,that gmail gmail account contains some information and my business account there….. !! oh my… its really bad experience that ever I have…
based on these experiences,
I now have a few gmail account and ..
that all for make arrangements and facilitation of internet business what I do ..
how about you.. how many gmail / yahoo account that you have??
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Nov 5, 2009

My Trekpay Acount report

After yesterday to check PageRank, this morning I will try to post an article every day,
hm .. why I do this,
just for your info, this blog still has Alexa is far from expectations ... but have PR 2 today

This morning I'll come back to report about my trekpay account.
after almost 2 months for clicking on trekpay ads, Thursday morning trekpay dollars on my account is 3.83 ..
This does not include updates that will be conducted this Thursday afternoon by trekpay admin ...
In my estimation, my account will be updated [later in the afternoon] to 4.01 dollar ....
yup, the average, weekly we will get 0.3 dollars, its little for blogger master.. but for me its can be side internet job….
just for your info, this is a distraction to get a free dollar ....
we only took about 20 minutes to click on trekpay ads...
one is interested to register??
Guys, for more detail info about trekpay, you can read and register here ..
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Nov 4, 2009

PR Update lets check it..!

after hearing the news updates page rank ..
I immediately checked for mengais dollar blog page rank..
and the results is ...
Page rank for this blog remains unchanged .. still get PR2 ...

Indeed, this mengais home earning blog have less productive in terms of paid reveiw, until now,
This blog only produces around 50 dollars .. smaller than the master blogger have ...

but this blog is capable of producing 2 dot com domain name for free from the contest ...
yup ..
This blog has provided a very high kontribution for me in monetize blog ...
although free domain, but still produces ...

now its time for me to pursue Alexa rank for this blog to earn dollar ...
thats right, Alexa!! I need to reach under 1,000,000 to get paid jobs reveiw ...
i will try ...

oh yea.. ...
how about your blog??
whether the PR from Google make you sad or happy??
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