Oct 28, 2009

Search Engine for Muslim Comunity

This is good news for muslim in the world.., why ?
now we have own search engine which full protected with others bad picture and news..
Potential Muslim Internet users who have previously
avoid the Internet because a lot of good content,
now have the option of a safe response in the new search engine: Imhalal.com

"Our main goal is to become the number one site in each
Muslims at home, "Reza Sardeha, ImHalal.com founder, told The Media

Although Internet usage is increasing rapidly in the Middle East and
North Africa in recent years, many potential users
who moved away because of content that is not in accordance with the teachings of religion.
The search results will not be deemed unlawful,
prohibited, and only displays a valid question, adopted,
under Islamic religious law.

"The idea grew from a few friends and I, all
by Yahoo! And Google as a search engine, and we continue to
finding explicit content, "said Sardeha.

"I got the idea to launch a specific search engine
designed for Muslims, where you can search the site without
must find content that is considered haram, she said

"We first blocked all explicit content
sexual. We have also held talks with the priest to determine
what could be considered as illegal and therefore will be blocked. "
so if you a muslim, lets try this search engine,
hope can be better than other SE..
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