Oct 6, 2009

I will More Monetize this Blog

After thinking and assume that this blog will earn some dollar and make money through paidreview. So I decided that from now on mengais dollar blog will provide information English language. All information will create on English….
although not closed the possibility to create content in Indonesian, but, I will more major English language content. Comparison of about 80: 20 for English language content.
I have to do this, because with a PR2 and Alexa was 1500.000, I have to further increase the traffic by using the EC and agitize.
And to qualify to be a member of both programs, I have to use English language content.
Beside that, with English-language content, I hope will benefit:
1. More likely in Paidreveiw program.
2. more visitor
3. more money!

so, once again, i will used for English language abaout give some information for you to earn a dollar all my friend ..
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