Oct 31, 2009

Try to Get MoreTraffic

After some time ago registered as entrecard membership, then this morning mengaisdollar blog do things related to how to increase blog traffic.
so what I do this morning .. ??
yup ...
This morning I tried to install the script from www.iamburaot.com, where this website have accommodate blogs become a member click for entrecard.
some of the profits when installing this script is:
1. our bog will get traffic from other members who do click on the batch of [the] which contains a collection of blogs entrecard members.
2. it can more quickly increase the alexa
3. our blog have linked on blog www.iamburaot

just for your info, I've tried on my other blog ..
and was successful in increasing alexa blog quickly ..
so today I tried to this mengais dollar blog ..
hoping to increase traffic and alexa for this blog
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Oct 28, 2009

Search Engine for Muslim Comunity

This is good news for muslim in the world.., why ?
now we have own search engine which full protected with others bad picture and news..
Potential Muslim Internet users who have previously
avoid the Internet because a lot of good content,
now have the option of a safe response in the new search engine: Imhalal.com

"Our main goal is to become the number one site in each
Muslims at home, "Reza Sardeha, ImHalal.com founder, told The Media

Although Internet usage is increasing rapidly in the Middle East and
North Africa in recent years, many potential users
who moved away because of content that is not in accordance with the teachings of religion.
The search results will not be deemed unlawful,
prohibited, and only displays a valid question, adopted,
under Islamic religious law.

"The idea grew from a few friends and I, all
by Yahoo! And Google as a search engine, and we continue to
finding explicit content, "said Sardeha.

"I got the idea to launch a specific search engine
designed for Muslims, where you can search the site without
must find content that is considered haram, she said

"We first blocked all explicit content
sexual. We have also held talks with the priest to determine
what could be considered as illegal and therefore will be blocked. "
so if you a muslim, lets try this search engine,
hope can be better than other SE..
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Oct 27, 2009

Several Way to Make Money Online

Even in a world of bloging, many ways to make money online that you can practice as bloger, we even newbie or beginners. include:

Join affiliate
Join the several members of a well-known communities such as amazon, MoreNiche, sareshale and others. in making money online affiliate can through our blog to join the products offered by the community. The number of commissions which can sometimes reach 50%.

Adsense PPC
To register a blog with adsense. Blogs we will be able to generate a few cents per click. It's very simple, but we need to learn many tricks - certain to reap hundreds of dollars through adsense.

TLA Program
Text Link Ads program, the blog where we will have a particular link in the text we post. Commission is calculated based on the number of links that appears and click on the link of our blog readers.

Participate Contest
This is one way we can to get generate from Making Money Online through our blog. This is a little competition and do not need all the people can get money through a contest.
However, if you are qualified in this field, it can make money online is quite promising ...

There are many ways to make money online on the internet ... but the control itself, the focus and choose a few ways you can potentially big money online ...
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Oct 16, 2009

Easy Way to Get Money

This morning when I check my blog, I get good news from paid to promote admin, today, they have sent to my paypall account 0.9 dollar.
Its very small money I think…and it’s the third payment for me from paid to promote.
But any way, this just for your information that paid to promote have really paid program, not scam..
Its very easy to join them, they will calculate all visitor from UK, USA, CAN and Europe, every 1000 visitors, you will get about 0.01 from administrator..
So this is the really easy program,
Time for you to join this program.
you can join just click here
Let get make money online!!
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Oct 13, 2009

Just info about my Entrecard Status

that’s word out from my mouth after check my blog status on entrecard program,
after submit as their blog EC member, today, entrecard admin have approve my blog.
mengais dollar now have been a member on entrecard program..
hm.. now time to be clicker.. not for PTC but for traffic!!
As you know, in first time I used mengais dollar for info about PTC, but it s make me suffer.. why..??
Because I always get scam program from ptc.. much of them not pay me!!
But now, I used this mengais dollar blog for Paid Review Program..
Actually, this free blog have earn about 30 dollar for PTR, its small money, but I hope with entrecard, I can get more traffic and off course great alexa rank!!..
Today my alexa about 1500000, hope next week it will be up about 800.000 !!
I have target to get about 500.000 for alexa rank..
Are you have use Entrecard for your blog??
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Oct 12, 2009

Join Entrecard

today, its my first time to change my blog to be english content, why i said this statement?? because just for your info, today i have try to join enterecard.
So, What for??..
hmm.. all this thing i do for increase my blog visitor, increase more readers, and the main thing is to get more money from blog, i mean monetized mengais dollar blog..
now this blog have PR 2 and 1500000 alexa rank..
hope with entrecard it will get more traffic and get great alexa...
now, i just wait conformation from Entrecard Admin..
hope they will approve my blog..

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Oct 9, 2009

Great Place To Download Youtube Videos

When we browsing, we we often see the video and an interesting movie on the internet. One of them is maybe from youtube.com.At that time, maybe we would be interested to download the movie And of course to take the movie we need good tools to download it.
After searching and tried a few tools, I try to Download YouTube Videos from voydo.com.
By using good tools like the one in voydo.com, download videos from youtube can be obtained with perfect results. In addition we can also convert videos to many formats, eg, the format FLV, MP4 or 3GP formats.
Wow, believe me, by using existing facilities at voydo.com will make us more addict to download videos from youtube.

This is a story that you need to prove.
So to download any movie we just go on voydo.com ..
hm.. why you not try it now.. prove it…

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Oct 8, 2009

TrekPay Report

Today, connecting internet on my office get trouble,
So this morning, i can not check my blogging activity, so..??
Hmm. As employer, I must do all my job fist… check all PC and network..
As an IT, that’s my regularly job, beside I must do side job [ as blogger off course ].
Btw, Yesterday, my trekpay account have reach 3.00 dollar, hmm .. it close to 5.5 dollar as trekpay minimum payout !!.
Some person ever ask to me about how much PPC for ads at Trekpay. Now I can answer that we will get about 1-3 point per click. In one day, we can get average 19 ads, and its all about 25 point in one day..
As Trekpay rules, they will payment every week, on Thursdays. Just for your info, average we get 0.53 – 0.62 dollar per week..
This program is so simple, we only need to click the ads and let it about 15 second, after that we can close that ads.. In one day, we need 15 minutes for click all ads on trekpay.
Are you interest.
Lets join as my referral, then comment on this post, I will give you some explanation and trick for this PPC program.
For indonesain blogger, I will give tutorial used Indonesian language !!
Hm.. want to be my referral ??
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Oct 6, 2009

I will More Monetize this Blog

After thinking and assume that this blog will earn some dollar and make money through paidreview. So I decided that from now on mengais dollar blog will provide information English language. All information will create on English….
although not closed the possibility to create content in Indonesian, but, I will more major English language content. Comparison of about 80: 20 for English language content.
I have to do this, because with a PR2 and Alexa was 1500.000, I have to further increase the traffic by using the EC and agitize.
And to qualify to be a member of both programs, I have to use English language content.
Beside that, with English-language content, I hope will benefit:
1. More likely in Paidreveiw program.
2. more visitor
3. more money!

so, once again, i will used for English language abaout give some information for you to earn a dollar all my friend ..
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Oct 2, 2009

Great New PaidRewiew for Blogger

Buy blog reviewsToday I found one of paid review is fairly easy and interesting to follow.
linkfromblog is paidreview which is quite interesting and very easy to follow. We only need to register and then follow the instructions on how to register.
There is one interesting thing in this paidreview, where the first application, we are encouraged to make a review of linkfromblog.com, because with a review of paidreview linkfromblog, we will get a bonus from admin, and it is also necessary for activation our blog on this paidreview.

For terms and conditions, better read the rules and FAQ in linkfromblog website.
Very smart if you immediately apply this paidreview, because all kinds of blogs can be accepted and paid member at this review!!.
So what are we waiting for?? just sign here and get money!!
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Siapa Sabar, Pasti Dapat Dollar

Setelah sekian lama menunggu akhirnya blog saya yang berbahasa inggris dengan hosting hadiah dari kontes hakim tea, akhirnya dapat job dari reviewme...
wah.. sahabat blogger, mungkin menganggap ini hal biasa tapi nggak buat mengaisdollar...
karena untuk menembus reviewme kelaitannya bagi diri saya sangatlah suliiiit...
nggak seperti buyblogreview dan blogvertise.. yang agak mudah ditembus..
untuk reviewme saya merasa kesulitan.. dan baru kali ini langsung dapat 3 job yang sekarang status sudah di accepted.. alhamdulillah..
sekarang saya baru ngincer sponsoredreview...
sampe saat ini belum bisa nembus sponsoredreview.... tau kenapa ya...
adakah sahabat blogger yang tau...bagi yang sudah sering disponsored review, info in dong pasti saya bertamu keblog anda...

bagi sahabat blogger yang ingin dapat hasil mengais dollar 5- 20 dollar dari paidreviw, sebaiknya melakukan hal berikut [garis besarnya]
- buat blog bahasa inggris biar lebih cepet peluang dapat dollarnya....
- cari trafik dengan daftar di Entrecard dan agitize
- pasang alexa dan PR blog anda...
- posting teruuuus artikel baru [apa saja] selama 2-3 bulan..
- cari backlink dari blog ber PR tinggi..

itu doang...
pasti deh sahabat blogger mampu melakukannya...
tapi ingat ..
kesabaran adalah hal hal haruss kita lakukan...
selamat mencoba..

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