Sep 1, 2009

Perfect Women Opinion about Nap Mat

Yesterday while visiting an old friend home, Neny [the star of my class at school], I was very surprised, because she now has become a young mother. Well, she [who ever to be a smart girl at our class], now has become an executive officer, who has two toddlers. At that time, she was holding her 2-year-old child, so comforting the child in his mother's arms, as this child does not feel that he reply in a large duffel bag!!. Well neni holding her child by using stephen joseph quilted backpack, backpack for toddlers made from 100% cotton, very safe and comfortable and has many very interesting forms. Beside its easy to clean and there are machine washable and durable.
Neny said, that she feels comfortable when using stephen joseph quilted backpack as well as toddlers and with her child, her child feel comfortable in his mother's arms ..

On the other side of her 5-year-old, fast a sleep next to his mother .. very soundly sleeping child,… I am interested with the toddlers used as bedding, Well he used daycare nap mat. A high nap mat quality. Hmm , I think this nap mat, same with daycare nap mat in place of my sister's child care … very high quality nap mat..It's is very convenient for child, because it was so comfortable...

Neny explained that her son who was asleep now nursery school, and he loved to bring toys and snacks for school. Apparently still troublesome, but by using the stephen joseph backpack , all look like simple and all these problems are solved .then Neny indicates that child's name written on the school bag..

Hm.. Neny you are really smart women... it even as a busy women, she never forget to choice the best quality stuff for her children..
That afternoon I was really getting valuable experience from my smart old friend ... Neny.

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