Apr 28, 2009

Back to Create English Article

Hi guys,
Today i will try to create some English article for this blog. Why?
Because for balance between local info and world information, making money online, must use international standard language. Beside that i try to display my adsense PTC for this making money site.
Sorry guys, i hope even my article on English format, i believe you will still can understand with all article that will be publish.
Btw, today i also still looking for information about trick how to get best dollar on Adsense PTC.
Just for your information, i still create Indonesian article language, and fill this site with indonesian article also.
This strategy must be use for make my account on surfing program that i used for up my Search Engineer Postion. As you know, you will found this making money online blog, if you used google searching, and try use below keyword for searching :
Mengais dollar, in this link you will find my blog, mengaisdollar.blogspot.com. on Top 10 search engine.
So wait my others article later. It will info you some topic and news about making money online.

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