Dec 23, 2009

201 Articles About Money Online

Not seem, today this blog home earnings have successfully made the article as much as 200 articles ...And its my 201 post for this blog…
Whew ..
In hindsight, this blog is:
The first blog I've created
The first blog I learned about blog ..
My first blog to make money through the internet ..
The first blog that generates dollars
The first blog to win the contest ..
The first blog that generate paidreview ..
The first blog that generates 2 dot com domain name ..

Blog mengais dollar is the first blog I created at the beginning of 2008, who had missed and “dead” nearly 6 months ...

on my calculations, total result of my earning from mengais dollar is around 200 dollars ...

Today, blog money online has PR2 and alexa rank 973,000 ...
Hoping to get the dollar more ...
So ..
I claim that is full blog history for me ...
How about you
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Dec 22, 2009

Types of Business model

This morning I will give you some information about business model
types which have used by blogger to make money online from internet.
Actually, we can split types of internet business in 5 types..

1. Join an affiliate program
in this model, we must offer some product from company to
readers/customer, we will get commission if readers / customers buy
that product.

2. Webmaster service
as webmaster, we can offer several services program to consumers. In
this case, we can over design blog, offer to blogger who want to
create a content, make a design logo etc..

3. Sell space on your blog
We can sell our space [sample : 125 x 125] on our blog.
If your blog / site have great PageRank and Alexa Rank, I think, more
blogger / webmaster interesting to be advertiser on your blog..
But remember, we must set it worth, in other mean, don’t sell your
link with expensive price…

4. Site Flipping
with selling domain, you can get big money, but we must maintenance
the domain name first, or our domain must be have great spelling and
have good PR, Alexa and backlink..
you can sell your domain at sedo or other market place

5. Sell Own Products
we can build shop online, then we can sell our product there..
it can be digital product like ebook, software or maybe physical
product like CD, Laptop etc

That’s all about business type that we can used for home earnings.
Just get one of them, and try it.

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Dec 20, 2009

Alexa Rank for Mengais Dollar

todays, mengais dollars blog have reach alexa under 1.000.000!
yup, alexa ran for my money online blog are 972.263, its the best Alexa that ever reach by this blog, although for me, its still must be maintenance cause i still have target for this blog, it must have alexa under 500.000 like my others blog....
So, i can said that my experiences way to reach alexa rank is working...
now, mengais dollar have PR 2, Alexa rank under 1 milion, and backlink about 69. hmm.. its time to get money from paid review program..
below are my ways that i ever do, to reach alexa rank for this blog..
1. Join as member on Entrecard.
2. Be a Maniac dropper...
3. Be advertiser on entrecard.
4. Created and posting article about 3 - 4 articles every week..

if you want to get hight alexa rank, you can try to copied my way...
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Dec 17, 2009

Paid Received....

After created and posting about trekpay on several days..,
finally, this morning I got cash out of 5.62 from trekpayadmin ...
wow ..
this proves that admintrekpay really paid their members ..
and this is certainly makes me, as a free member to keep on click the ads on trekpay to catch the next payment :)
Its PTC that very easy to do ...
It's easier to click on ads than the PTC ...
we just need one click ... a duration of 5 to 8 seconds ...
and one day we'll get 15 to 17 ads ...
we will get point between 1 - 3 Point-per-click, and average, we will get 0.25 of dollars in one day...
for those of you who like free money online, safe and not a scam ...
I recommend to join the this legit job ...
guaranteed after your account contains at least 5.5 dollars ...
they will send the money belongs to you directly through your paypal ...
so what you wait ...
you can join this Great PTC here ...
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Dec 16, 2009

BACO Enterprises,Inc, The High Strength Fasteners for Bridge

We do not realize that every on traveling in big cities like New York Metro Area or New Jersey , or our trips to the office, to the resorts and the rise buildings, we always across the bridges and tunnels, whatever there are large and small bridges and tunnels….

Have we ever thought, that the bridge was needed strong construction, high strength fasteners for bridge, and powerful of tension control bolts, tc bolts??
Do we ever realize, that without the a strong and sturdy construction, and the strength of tension control bolts, tc bolts, the bridge will be easily damaged and collapsed, which is likely to cause human casualties?

Now we need to know that all the bridges and tunnels that require high strength fasteners for bridge, and tension control bolts, tc bolts. One of the big companies that have great experience about it about tension control bolts, tc bolts, is BACO Enterprises,Inc

Companies that have a great experience with fast delivery service and have specializes in High Strength Fasteners for Bridge, Tunnel, Highway, Building, Power and Water Treatment Marine Construction is very experienced and serve Request Information or a Quote on a specific item
so if you are a contractor or person who will or wants to build a bridge or a tunnel, better you open and read all about tension control bolts, tc bolts . There are you will get more and best information about all you need...
i believe after read Baco Enterprises, Inc, you will get more , great and details information about High Strength Fasteners for Bridge....
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Dec 15, 2009

Type The Words Then Get Money..

This morning I have join a program like PTC but its more unique..
This is the new way for me to get home earnings from internet.. new way to get money online…
This program called,
This program is unique, where we have to take such a concentration to type text that appears on the monitor ...[need more concentrated]
so, take time to look to the monitor, cause if we wrong on type the word, it not will be counting as point/dollar…

Different with PTC programs, this program requires us to type a word that every word right and submitted, we will get 0.001 dollars ...
These programs account payout if we've reached 3 dollars ...
and the great thing is this program payout paid Daily!!!, ...
so if one day we can make it 0500 takes 6 days to payout ...
this program without a referral point..
so if you want to join, please go to ...
just try it for new chance to get money from internet….
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Dec 12, 2009

Best Place to Get Money from Casino Online

As we know, a lot of ways to make money through the internet.
one way to get money online but it takes precision and luck is playing online casino ..
just for your info and we must be remember, that playing casino online should take accuracy and knowledge beside the luck ..
We must learning all step by step how to play this game. Must understand all the risk and the benefit if we ready playing online gambling ..
So we must have learning by doing and read some blog or website which give best information about how to playing casino online game.

for that all, if you need information about online casino, Online Casino Gambling Blog is a great place to get more information about casino online and the best place to get all review about casino online..
Why should the Online Casino Gambling Blog?? What we get if we read this online casino gambling blog?
Because there we will be able to find tricks and tips for playing poker online, we can get all tools and complete guide about casino online.. So if we are newbie on this casino online business, I believe we are can be the master if read all information and guide about gambling on this blog.
This blog completely full support us and will explain to us all about casino online, all about we needed as casino online player .. so we never need wasting time to learn step by step about casino online.. Just read and learn from this online casino blog, then we can be best player on casino online..
This blog is best online casino directory that featuring complete reviews of the best online casinos, exclusive bonuses, casino games rules and strategies. display all information and up-to-date online gambling information to make player more easy to selection casino programs. there are also display rating of the best 10 online casinos by our experienced gamblers.
Remember, we must learn tricks and trips are correct so we do not experience failure in playing poker online ..
in Online Casino Gambling Blog we will be able to obtain complete information and guidance on how to play casino online...

so remember, if you want to make money through online casino game, make sure you read make Online Casino Gambling Blog as the source of your inspiration in playing poker online ..

This blog is best online casino directory that featuring complete reviews of the best online casinos, exclusive bonuses, casino games rules and strategies. display all information and up-to-date online gambling information to make player more easy to selection casino programs. there are also display rating of the best 10 online casinos by our experienced gamblers.

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Dec 10, 2009

Trekpay send me 5.62 $... Next Week

As my article have posted yesterday, I have informed that I had payout process in trekpay,
This morning I check the status of my trekpay account balance is 0.29 usd
and the admin inform that "processed $ 5.62 Payout. Payment will be deposited in 7 days."

wow I only need to waiting for the payout send to my paypal account..
hmm. Its must wait 7 days later..
but never mind ...
I hope this information make me believe that trekpay really paid their member as they promised ...

This program is very easy and much easier than usual PTC,
because we just click, and to get the dollars we only need 2 months to clicks ads,
every day it took 15 minutes ... to get credit!!
are you interested ..??
please try to register here ...
Its really free program…
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Dec 8, 2009

My Way to Get Alexa Rank

as an employee who likes money online, it is very difficult to create new articles constantly every day ...
past only thing that could interfere with us to create an article, be it time, ideas and moods ...

As we all know, google loves blog with fresh articles and original ...
so to get the high traffic we have to daily create the article ...

I think that’s the past…
now I'm not dizzy anymore, because to get traffic and increase the alexa, I used entrecard ..
yup ..
with entrecard, after having enough credit, we can increase traffic and alexa our blog with a fellow member advertiser in entrecard ..

to get more quickly traffic I done as below:

1. advertise on blogs that have a good alexa [ranging from 90,000 to 200,000]
2. click / ec drop from 30 to 50 dropp / day ..

I have been doing it for 2 weeks ...
results ...
my alexa for mengais dollar get improved ...
are you want to try this way ..??
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Dec 3, 2009

Today my Trekpay Pay Out Day!!

Today cause there are something must to do, I entered in the office after lunch time, ...
Around one o'clock [afternoon], I came to the office ..
Hmm ... I think you must know what first thing that I do ...
Yup, ..
After checks the office server [as a routine IT job] I immediately open my trekpay account ....
Wow ...
Apparently this day my account had crossed the limit for the payout ...
Yup ...
After all this time, I tried to click on trekpay ads, finally today I can reach 5.62 dollar so its time to pay out. request...
just for your info,This was a side job that takes patience ...but more legit than other PTCs
Almost 2 months I did click trekpay ads every day… [except Saturday and Sunday] ...

Now the pay out status still pending ...
I hope next week my request payout about 5.62 dollars will be send by trekpay admin to my paypal account ..

If you are interest with this program,
You can join here… its free and legit I think…
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Dec 2, 2009

Payment from Blogvertise

this morning i got payment from blogvertise, the legit paidreview program that i ever joined..
yup, after wait about 30 days, today the paid me 10 dollar... its realy meaning of mengais dollar i think :)

its my third payment from blogvertise, total until today, i have reach about 75 dollar from this paidreveiw..
but i think its still small than other blogger ever reach...
but for me.. its enough proven that blogvertise paid us on time..

just for your info,
some paid review give standart minimum payment, but with blogvertise, if your review approved, you will get money after 30 days later…

beside blogvertise, the same way also as rule on reviewme program… but on reviewme, I still get only 15 dollar… not big as on blogvertise, reviewme more difficult for get job…

if you want to try another paid review, you also can join as member on buyblogreviews, this review program more easy, but they only give use lower than reviewme or blogvertise..
buyblogreview only give about 3 – 5 dollar for one product review..

its all depend on your PageRank.. if you have PR 3 and higher, you can get more dollar from Paidreview…..
are already join them??
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Nov 30, 2009

I Have Create an original EC card.. :)

This morning I was got an criticism from an EC member [I think he/she care with my blog :) ],,
I accept the criticism that as things to me for more spirit for develop my mengais dollar blog.....
his criticism is as follows:

A site too lazy to make an original card for EntreCard, not worth reading.

he .. he .. he ..
thanks for your criticism,
but I've changed my EC today…...
though not so good ... but, I have to change it right?
about containatoin blog ... hemm ...
I think you do not read my previous article ...
But… never mind..thanks for your criticism ..
I hope later, better you read my other articles first before doing another criticism ..
btw, thank my friend for your critique ...
oh yea ...
as bonus [he..he..he..] ...
I have advertising on your blog EC .. thanks ... :),
With this way, I just share credit for your blog.. :)
eit... i hv check.. hmm..
my friend..[] you never drop ec from my blog right... but never mind, i still want to buy an advertised on your blog.. :)
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Nov 26, 2009

You Want 1 Dollar Free, Read This..!!

This is an opportunity for us all the newbie who has a blog, have a Facebook account to get free dollars from paypal ..
are You interested?, what is the program...
We must become a member of Facebook application called Wishlist PayPal
Upon registration, we will immediately get 1 dollar from PayPal Wishlist
if we want to get the next $ 1, we must refer this program to your friend who has a facebook account ...
To be able to payout, the total dollars that obtained the maximum $ 100, then automatically, admin Wishlist PayPal will send the dollar into our PayPal account.
But wait ...
If you've reached 100, you must be patient, because your income can only be accepted on February 28, 2010.

How do I sign up?
How to apply:

* Go into your Facebook account
* Open the application Wishlist Paypal
* enter our Paypal email address is already verified, but it seems, unverified allow … ..
* Last thing to do is, make your Wishlist, then share to your friends on Facebook.

it easy right??
So ..
Let join this program here…
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Nov 19, 2009

Online Survey, Other Ways to Get Dollar

If you like the make money online by way of an online survey,
We will provide some online survey sites are very good and quite popular.
But remember, the list below is the address of an online survey that was already known by the webmaster, even if later there are several online survey sites that are not so productive, that probably is the effect of the many online survey sites.

If you want to join one of the following onine survey, you must first do some research and read the FAQ and the rules ..
Good chasing dollars through online surveys ..

i will info others latter, better, you try to join them first, and focus on it...
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$ 5.02 on My TrekPay Account..

This morning as usual I will give report about trekpay.
after last week I predicted two weeks' pay out, my estimate was about right ...

Today, I trekpay account has reached 5.02 of dollars, so the estimated 0.5 dollars payout again ..
as my estimate, this week I probably will get 0.53 dollars, so next week will transfer trekpay admin 5.5 dollars into my paypal account ..

way to get dollar from trekpay was quite exhausting ...
almost every day click on ads 13 to 17 ads, in 20 minutes ....
now, after about only 2 months my “daily work” will be payout ....
however, for bloger who are interested to get free money, trekpay is one of the easiest ways ..
want to try ..
you can register here ..
Just for your info, Trekpay is more legit than PTC, because, on PTC, I only get 1 – 2 dollar for 2 month… but with Trekpay, we will get 5.5 in two months…!!
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Nov 18, 2009

Best Site to Get Backlink

As we know [and off course blogger understanding about it] that getting backlinks from blogs with have high PageRank can make our blog rocket to high PageRank.....that is meaning that blog can be monetize !!
Well for those purposes, on the Internet has provided a social bookmarking site that can use for get backlink, and its Do-Follow ..
Of course to get better backlink from the site and up our blog pagerank ..
Here are some websites that use social bookmarking with have DoFollow tag (PR8) (PR7) (PR8) (PR7) (PR6) (PR7)

lets try to get quality backlink...!!
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Nov 12, 2009

My Trekpay Earning

This afternoon, Thursday, 11 November 2009 trekpay program ready to update,
and now I will give my earnings reports that I have in trekpay account.
According to schedule, today my earning is 4.59 dollars ..
and this earning is already close to the minimum payout that we can receive from trekpay program.

for payout, we do not need to request, because the funds will automatically be transferred directly to our paypal account. But remember, it is only if the account we have reached at least 5.5 dollars.
Notification of payment send through our email, on a regular basis [on Thursday, they provide payment information to the member]
my estimation, next week my account will reach minimum payout!

so 2 weeks later - hopefully - I can provide paypal proof of payment from trekpay...
hmm ..
hopefully it really paid, as their info, they sent each week to email member ...
are you interest?? you can join here..
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Nov 10, 2009

Time to Play Game...

As blogger, some time we also get “head case” if face some trouble..or lost money when play forex or others money online..
And I also understand that we as blogger 90% like playing game online or offline..
Why ??
Because we are know, that playing game online or offline, can refresh our mind.. right??
This time, I only want to share with you about some address that can be use by us for get game online…

So if you are really game mania or only playing game for refreshing, this addres can be help us to find great game online / offline…
None of the Above

Lets playing game now..
Ignore all problem …. And lets play..after that, we can try fight to get money online !!
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Nov 9, 2009

My Best PTC..

After a long time did not report about PTC [Paid To Click] program, this morning I will be back to give a little information about the PTC that really paid me although I am is a free member…..
Just for your info,
During join the PTC programs, I prefer as a free member, why?
because for me the PTC, it is just a side job, and not every day I click on PTC ads ...
not lazy, but this is because I do not have enough time to click PTC ads.
Once, I ever have PTC’s account more than 10 !!, but more than 90% are not paying or scam program.. ..
Well ..
for this time I will show you my PTC accounts report .. this baydefeisptc proven paid me as free member....

Until this morning, on my account had accumulated 1.2 dollars.
to cashout I still need about 0.8 dollars ..

OK this is my first little info that I can give ..
just for remembering, that baydefiesptc certainly really paid free member....
If interested in applying, please you can register here ...
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Nov 6, 2009

Free Email For Our Business

So far, there are some things we've always done in the money online activity, which we do not have to make us aware of the difficulties in manage multiple accounts that we have.
one of them is about free email accounts, in this case gmail and yahoo email.
I am sure, we as bloggers have several email accounts on gmail or yahoo mail for our business activities right?..
however, if truly effective has a lot of email accounts??
what is the standard email account should we have??

based on the experience that I was done, it is not effective to have more than 4 emails account.
because when I have more than 6 free emails account, I find it difficult to manage, even I often forget, which email account that I used for money online for account email on products A, B or C. ..
at that time, I am realy confused, and its make me got some trouble on my online business. Even, I faced that Several my gmail account close by google..!! maybe I have some mistakes .. I don’t really know about it…whereas,that gmail gmail account contains some information and my business account there….. !! oh my… its really bad experience that ever I have…
based on these experiences,
I now have a few gmail account and ..
that all for make arrangements and facilitation of internet business what I do ..
how about you.. how many gmail / yahoo account that you have??
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Nov 5, 2009

My Trekpay Acount report

After yesterday to check PageRank, this morning I will try to post an article every day,
hm .. why I do this,
just for your info, this blog still has Alexa is far from expectations ... but have PR 2 today

This morning I'll come back to report about my trekpay account.
after almost 2 months for clicking on trekpay ads, Thursday morning trekpay dollars on my account is 3.83 ..
This does not include updates that will be conducted this Thursday afternoon by trekpay admin ...
In my estimation, my account will be updated [later in the afternoon] to 4.01 dollar ....
yup, the average, weekly we will get 0.3 dollars, its little for blogger master.. but for me its can be side internet job….
just for your info, this is a distraction to get a free dollar ....
we only took about 20 minutes to click on trekpay ads...
one is interested to register??
Guys, for more detail info about trekpay, you can read and register here ..
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Nov 4, 2009

PR Update lets check it..!

after hearing the news updates page rank ..
I immediately checked for mengais dollar blog page rank..
and the results is ...
Page rank for this blog remains unchanged .. still get PR2 ...

Indeed, this mengais home earning blog have less productive in terms of paid reveiw, until now,
This blog only produces around 50 dollars .. smaller than the master blogger have ...

but this blog is capable of producing 2 dot com domain name for free from the contest ...
yup ..
This blog has provided a very high kontribution for me in monetize blog ...
although free domain, but still produces ...

now its time for me to pursue Alexa rank for this blog to earn dollar ...
thats right, Alexa!! I need to reach under 1,000,000 to get paid jobs reveiw ...
i will try ...

oh yea.. ...
how about your blog??
whether the PR from Google make you sad or happy??
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Oct 31, 2009

Try to Get MoreTraffic

After some time ago registered as entrecard membership, then this morning mengaisdollar blog do things related to how to increase blog traffic.
so what I do this morning .. ??
yup ...
This morning I tried to install the script from, where this website have accommodate blogs become a member click for entrecard.
some of the profits when installing this script is:
1. our bog will get traffic from other members who do click on the batch of [the] which contains a collection of blogs entrecard members.
2. it can more quickly increase the alexa
3. our blog have linked on blog www.iamburaot

just for your info, I've tried on my other blog ..
and was successful in increasing alexa blog quickly ..
so today I tried to this mengais dollar blog ..
hoping to increase traffic and alexa for this blog
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Oct 28, 2009

Search Engine for Muslim Comunity

This is good news for muslim in the world.., why ?
now we have own search engine which full protected with others bad picture and news..
Potential Muslim Internet users who have previously
avoid the Internet because a lot of good content,
now have the option of a safe response in the new search engine:

"Our main goal is to become the number one site in each
Muslims at home, "Reza Sardeha, founder, told The Media

Although Internet usage is increasing rapidly in the Middle East and
North Africa in recent years, many potential users
who moved away because of content that is not in accordance with the teachings of religion.
The search results will not be deemed unlawful,
prohibited, and only displays a valid question, adopted,
under Islamic religious law.

"The idea grew from a few friends and I, all
by Yahoo! And Google as a search engine, and we continue to
finding explicit content, "said Sardeha.

"I got the idea to launch a specific search engine
designed for Muslims, where you can search the site without
must find content that is considered haram, she said

"We first blocked all explicit content
sexual. We have also held talks with the priest to determine
what could be considered as illegal and therefore will be blocked. "
so if you a muslim, lets try this search engine,
hope can be better than other SE..
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Oct 27, 2009

Several Way to Make Money Online

Even in a world of bloging, many ways to make money online that you can practice as bloger, we even newbie or beginners. include:

Join affiliate
Join the several members of a well-known communities such as amazon, MoreNiche, sareshale and others. in making money online affiliate can through our blog to join the products offered by the community. The number of commissions which can sometimes reach 50%.

Adsense PPC
To register a blog with adsense. Blogs we will be able to generate a few cents per click. It's very simple, but we need to learn many tricks - certain to reap hundreds of dollars through adsense.

TLA Program
Text Link Ads program, the blog where we will have a particular link in the text we post. Commission is calculated based on the number of links that appears and click on the link of our blog readers.

Participate Contest
This is one way we can to get generate from Making Money Online through our blog. This is a little competition and do not need all the people can get money through a contest.
However, if you are qualified in this field, it can make money online is quite promising ...

There are many ways to make money online on the internet ... but the control itself, the focus and choose a few ways you can potentially big money online ...
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Oct 16, 2009

Easy Way to Get Money

This morning when I check my blog, I get good news from paid to promote admin, today, they have sent to my paypall account 0.9 dollar.
Its very small money I think…and it’s the third payment for me from paid to promote.
But any way, this just for your information that paid to promote have really paid program, not scam..
Its very easy to join them, they will calculate all visitor from UK, USA, CAN and Europe, every 1000 visitors, you will get about 0.01 from administrator..
So this is the really easy program,
Time for you to join this program.
you can join just click here
Let get make money online!!
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Oct 13, 2009

Just info about my Entrecard Status

that’s word out from my mouth after check my blog status on entrecard program,
after submit as their blog EC member, today, entrecard admin have approve my blog.
mengais dollar now have been a member on entrecard program..
hm.. now time to be clicker.. not for PTC but for traffic!!
As you know, in first time I used mengais dollar for info about PTC, but it s make me suffer.. why..??
Because I always get scam program from ptc.. much of them not pay me!!
But now, I used this mengais dollar blog for Paid Review Program..
Actually, this free blog have earn about 30 dollar for PTR, its small money, but I hope with entrecard, I can get more traffic and off course great alexa rank!!..
Today my alexa about 1500000, hope next week it will be up about 800.000 !!
I have target to get about 500.000 for alexa rank..
Are you have use Entrecard for your blog??
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Oct 12, 2009

Join Entrecard

today, its my first time to change my blog to be english content, why i said this statement?? because just for your info, today i have try to join enterecard.
So, What for??..
hmm.. all this thing i do for increase my blog visitor, increase more readers, and the main thing is to get more money from blog, i mean monetized mengais dollar blog..
now this blog have PR 2 and 1500000 alexa rank..
hope with entrecard it will get more traffic and get great alexa...
now, i just wait conformation from Entrecard Admin..
hope they will approve my blog..

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Oct 9, 2009

Great Place To Download Youtube Videos

When we browsing, we we often see the video and an interesting movie on the internet. One of them is maybe from that time, maybe we would be interested to download the movie And of course to take the movie we need good tools to download it.
After searching and tried a few tools, I try to Download YouTube Videos from
By using good tools like the one in, download videos from youtube can be obtained with perfect results. In addition we can also convert videos to many formats, eg, the format FLV, MP4 or 3GP formats.
Wow, believe me, by using existing facilities at will make us more addict to download videos from youtube.

This is a story that you need to prove.
So to download any movie we just go on ..
hm.. why you not try it now.. prove it…

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Oct 8, 2009

TrekPay Report

Today, connecting internet on my office get trouble,
So this morning, i can not check my blogging activity, so..??
Hmm. As employer, I must do all my job fist… check all PC and network..
As an IT, that’s my regularly job, beside I must do side job [ as blogger off course ].
Btw, Yesterday, my trekpay account have reach 3.00 dollar, hmm .. it close to 5.5 dollar as trekpay minimum payout !!.
Some person ever ask to me about how much PPC for ads at Trekpay. Now I can answer that we will get about 1-3 point per click. In one day, we can get average 19 ads, and its all about 25 point in one day..
As Trekpay rules, they will payment every week, on Thursdays. Just for your info, average we get 0.53 – 0.62 dollar per week..
This program is so simple, we only need to click the ads and let it about 15 second, after that we can close that ads.. In one day, we need 15 minutes for click all ads on trekpay.
Are you interest.
Lets join as my referral, then comment on this post, I will give you some explanation and trick for this PPC program.
For indonesain blogger, I will give tutorial used Indonesian language !!
Hm.. want to be my referral ??
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Oct 6, 2009

I will More Monetize this Blog

After thinking and assume that this blog will earn some dollar and make money through paidreview. So I decided that from now on mengais dollar blog will provide information English language. All information will create on English….
although not closed the possibility to create content in Indonesian, but, I will more major English language content. Comparison of about 80: 20 for English language content.
I have to do this, because with a PR2 and Alexa was 1500.000, I have to further increase the traffic by using the EC and agitize.
And to qualify to be a member of both programs, I have to use English language content.
Beside that, with English-language content, I hope will benefit:
1. More likely in Paidreveiw program.
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Oct 2, 2009

Great New PaidRewiew for Blogger

Buy blog reviewsToday I found one of paid review is fairly easy and interesting to follow.
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Siapa Sabar, Pasti Dapat Dollar

Setelah sekian lama menunggu akhirnya blog saya yang berbahasa inggris dengan hosting hadiah dari kontes hakim tea, akhirnya dapat job dari reviewme...
wah.. sahabat blogger, mungkin menganggap ini hal biasa tapi nggak buat mengaisdollar...
karena untuk menembus reviewme kelaitannya bagi diri saya sangatlah suliiiit...
nggak seperti buyblogreview dan blogvertise.. yang agak mudah ditembus..
untuk reviewme saya merasa kesulitan.. dan baru kali ini langsung dapat 3 job yang sekarang status sudah di accepted.. alhamdulillah..
sekarang saya baru ngincer sponsoredreview...
sampe saat ini belum bisa nembus sponsoredreview.... tau kenapa ya...
adakah sahabat blogger yang tau...bagi yang sudah sering disponsored review, info in dong pasti saya bertamu keblog anda...

bagi sahabat blogger yang ingin dapat hasil mengais dollar 5- 20 dollar dari paidreviw, sebaiknya melakukan hal berikut [garis besarnya]
- buat blog bahasa inggris biar lebih cepet peluang dapat dollarnya....
- cari trafik dengan daftar di Entrecard dan agitize
- pasang alexa dan PR blog anda...
- posting teruuuus artikel baru [apa saja] selama 2-3 bulan..
- cari backlink dari blog ber PR tinggi..

itu doang...
pasti deh sahabat blogger mampu melakukannya...
tapi ingat ..
kesabaran adalah hal hal haruss kita lakukan...
selamat mencoba..

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Sep 30, 2009

Silakan Cek Akurasi PR Blog sahabat

Banyak sekali beredar tools yang digunakan untuk melakukan check page rank blog.
Mengapa sahabat blogger memerlukannya?? Ya, karena page rank saat ini masih menjadi primadona para sahabat blogger dalam mengais dollar. Seperti sahabat blogger ketahui dengan pagerank yang bagus maka peluang untuk mendapatkan uang melalui blog / site sangat terbuka !!
Jadi tidak ada salahnya jika kita menggunakan tools tertentu untuk melakukan check page rank blog kita . Untuk melakukan cek pagerank memang banyak sekali tool yang dapat digunakan, masing-masing mempunya tingkat keakuratan tertentu, tapi tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba tool yang satu ini. Silahkan copy paste di browser sahabat blogger :

Untuk menggunakan fasilitas ini sangat mudah, masukkan URL blog, mengisi captcha dan submit. Tool ini menggunakan banyak sumber dari google data center sehingga lebih terjamin keakuratanya. logikanya, pagerank adalah rank dari google maka sumber datanya tentu google.
Tool ini sangat berguna bagi sahabat blogger yang suka melakukan pembelian domain berpagerank untuk menunjang bisnis online seperti paid review.
Silahkan coba!!
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Sep 25, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Iedul Fitri

sudah hampir 1 minggu ini blog mengais dollartidak ter update...
selain disebabkan hari raya idul fitri, .. dan juga saya ikut merayakan,
nampaknya sindrom bosan sedang melanda diri saya.
ya ,,, saya bosan blogging..
nah untuk mengatasi hal ini kelihatannya, saya harus sedikit menurunkan aktivitas blogging mungkin satu minggu hingga dua minggu..
mau cari tau apa yang terbaik untuk menghindari kebosanan ini...
adakah resep mujarab untuk mengatasi kebosanan dalan ber blogging??

yah.. pagi ini saya cek paypal saya..
lumayan ada kiriman 18 dollar dari paidreview...
nampaknya saya harus beristirahat dulu...
untuk mengatasi rasa jenuh berinternet..

oh ya..
selamat hari raya idul fitri bagi semua sahabat blogger ya...
mohon maaf bila ada info yang kurang berkenan...
taqabalallahu mina wa minkum...
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Sep 18, 2009

Sekedar Opini

Wah udah mau lebaran nih...
tinggal satu hari lagi puasa kita..
entah, udah banyak apa belom kebaikan yang kita kerjakan..
atau malah masih bolong sana sini.. waduh jangsan sampe ya sahabat blogger!!!
kalo ngeblog aja kuat hingga 4 - 5 jam.. masa puasa bolong2 .. khan nggak lucu bro...

oh ya sahabat blogger,
untuk kali ini saya hanya ingin sedikit beropini mengenai blogger indonesia ...
nggak tau kenapa ya.. kok kita ini paling pelit kasih link ke teman kita, apalagi kalo blog kita punya PR yang mantappp..
weh boro boro kasih link balik ke sahabat blogger yang ngelink blog kita, nanggapin aja jarang!!!
tapi tunggu...
ini cuman 70 persen sahabat blogger indonesia...
yang 40 persen masih berbaik hati loh...

kok beda ya samablogger luar [uk/us] yang begitu gampang diajak tuker link...
terutama blog mengenai home & personal blog. Yang kebanyakan dimiliki oleh emak-emak...!!
[dan saya liat dari blog mereka, tampaknya kebanyakan udah tidak lagi mengais dollar melainkan mengeruk dollar..
ini keliatan dari iklan dan review yang mereka buat ...]
meskipun blog pr udah 3 sampe 4, eh masih mau ngasih link /link exchange dengan blog yang berPR 1..
ini saya alami sendiri lho...

so kesimpulan hari ini :
1. ntar lagi lebaran... lebih banyak instrospeksi, jangan hanya hura2..
2. kalo mau cari link exchange, sebaiknya dengan emak-emak dari jagad belahan barat. US / UK
terutama niche mengenai home, kids dan personal..

oke sahabat blogger...
selamat berpuasa ya...
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Sep 13, 2009

Progam List Penghasil dollar

Selamat pagi sahabat blogger…
Udah lama nih mengais dollar nggak posting, .. baru sekarang bikin coretan baru,…
Ada beberapa hal yang menyebabkan mengais dollar blog agak terlantar, antara lain, aq baru ngurusin repiu dari blogvertise mengenai tempat wisata di san fransisco… .. wah.. udah 2 kali repiu direjek mereka bilang postingan kurang nyambung…  maklum mengais dollar kan belum pernah kesono… just searching all doc about this item.. jadi mungkin repiu agak ngawur… coba kalo suruh repiu tentang Simpang lima semarang… pasti deh tok cer.. he..he..he..
Yah terpaksa deh revisi lagi….. dan lagi…
Ini dah revisi kedua moga saja diterima repiu mengenai hotel di san fransisco, mudah-mudahan golll… trus dapat $$ lagi lumayan..meski cuman 7.5 dollar 

Oh ya berikut ada list tempat yang cukup nyaman untuk mengais dollar bagi sahabat blogger yang ingin monetize blog nya… [mengais dollar lewat blog ]

1. Adsense –.
2. YPN, or we also call it Yahoo Publisher Network –
3. AzoogleAds –.
4. Bidvertiser –
5. BlogAds –
6. CrispAds –
7. Chitika –.
8. Clicksor.
9. Text-Link-Ads –
10. MediaFed –
11. Pheedo
12. LinkWorth
13. DoubleClick
14. Vibrant Media
15. Qumana –

Untuk lebih jelas sahabat blogger bisa Googling untuk info detail program tersebut…
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Sep 9, 2009

Power Supply Server Kantor Rusak!!

waduh, kemarin pagi server kantorku down!!alamakkk.... bikin deg-deg ser aja..!!
duh .. kalo gini terus, bakalan "di syukuri" temen2 kantor nih...
lah gimana nggak, mereka khan bisa ongkang2 kaki dan tangan sambil leyeh-leyeh... nyantaiiii server down... khan kita nggak bisa input data nih..
so hanya bisa email dan internetan doang... asyiiiikkkk !!!
waduhhh.. ini dia nih sisi gelap orang IT, kalo dapat "musibah" alias server down.. pada seneng tuh temen2... :(
any dijalan alias any way :( Setelah check sana - cek sini ternyata trouble ada pada power supply,
ya.. server HP TC2120 milik kantorku Power supply sudah tua...
maklum, jenis Server seperti ini kan udah hampir 5 tahun yang lalu lahirnya..
jadi udah tergolong tua..,
karena cari ke beberapa Vendor HP di Semarang nggak ada yang punya, terpaksa deh untuk emergency status...
aku pasang dengan power supply standar PC biasa, dan alhamdulillah ... SUKSES, Server bisa nyala lagi...
so temen2 kantor cuman dapat "extra leha-leha" sekitar 1 jam doang.. jam 8.30 sampe jam 9.40 WIB...
ayo kerja lagi.... he..he.he..
wah sekarang baru minta tolong IT Pusat untuk nyariin jenis Power supply TC2120 di daerah Glodok..
mudah2 an saja dapat...

sekarang bisa buka internet lagi...
posting lagi...
cari cara mengais dollar lagi...
bisa klik trekpay lagi..
oh ya accoun trekpayku udah mencapai 1.36 dollar lho..
hanya butuh setengah jam perhari untuk klik iklan di trekpay..
mau coba silakan baca artikel trekpay atau langsung daftar disini..
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Sep 4, 2009

Tips agar Baterai Notebook Tahan Lama

Hal yang sangat sering menjadi masalah pada laptop kita adalah kerusakan pada baterai..
Pasti sahabat blogger mengetahui tentang hal ini.
Memang baterai laptop sangat rentan dan harus extra hati- hati dalam perawatannya, dan berikut
sedikit tips dari saya mungkin bisa berguna khan lumayan juga harga baterai kalo harus beli lagi kalo rusak...bisa bisa uang mengais dollar cuman untuk maintenance doang!! :(
berikut tips agar baterai nggak cepet rusak alias amaaaaannn :

1. Saat charge baterai, jika sudah penuh segera cabut kabel listrik.
Karena over charge akan menyebabkan panas baterai melebihi standart
2. Saat digunakan di kantor atau di rumah, ada baiknya baterai tidak usah digunakan.
Jadi maksud saya, baterai boleh dilepas dan laptop direct menggunakan listrik.
Dengan begini, laptop menjadi lebih dingin dibanding menggunakan baterai karena baterai
menyumbang panas yg cukup lumayan jika dipakai dlm waktu yg lama
3. Saat tidak digunakan, lepas saja baterainya.

Oke sahabat blogger, semoga hal -hal tersebut di atas dapat memperpanjang umur baterai notebook kita…

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Sep 3, 2009

Kiat menghindari rasa bosan di bulan ramadhan

Wah, di bulan yang suci ini, pasti deh kita maunya ningkatin ibadah dan amal kita, ya khan.., cuman, masalah yang sering timbul adalah tak jarang rasa jenuh menghinggapi [emang burung :) ] diri kita saat menunggu waktu dari fajar, pagi, siang hingga sore trus maghrib..., apalagi kalo hari libur, sabtu dan minggu misalnya... wah.. gimana cara membunuh waktu agar nggak wasting time ya... alias nggak sia-sia ya...
Naah... ni dia nich..
Mengais dollar punya beberapa kiat untuk mewarnai waktu dibulan ramadhan ini, agar nggak sia-sia waktunya, plus hati seneng, plus dapat pahala... mau tau... he..he..he.. nih tips –tips nya :

1. Start jam 3 pagi...
Bangun,... ambil air wudhu, trus paksain diri untuk sholat tahajud.. 2 rakaat, kalo bisa lebih, .. keep on until sholat witir 3 rakaat, estimate 20 menit lah minimal..
Trus lanjutin dengan makan sahur... kurang lebih 45 menit.. nah setelah itu kira2 jam 4.15 pagi, sambil nunggu subuh berjamaah kemesjid, usahain untuk tadarus qur’an ... jam 04.30 pagi, berjamaah ke masjid plus dengerin kuliah subuh...

2. Jam 5 pagi ...
Bagi blogger langsung aja masuk kamar, pandang monitor trus blogging deh..he.he..he.. [bagi yang masih ke warnet... coba deh.. keliatannya harga lebih murah kalo paket pagi ya..[pengalaman pribadi saat masih pake warnet] wah kalo udah face to face sama monitor udah deh terserah anda, mau sampe jam berapa he..he.he.., kalo saya kira2 sampe jam 9 pagi tit.... baru kelar...

3. jam 9 pagi , sholat dhuha 4 rekaat [2 rakaat salam 2x] kalo mau lebih silakan..
trus habis itu... bebas... mau molor lagi, atau mau main ke rumah temen /sodara de el el.... hingga sholat Dhuhur.. kalo aku ... molor sampe mau sholat dhuhur...
4. jam 4 sore, bersih2 rumah motor atau apalah terserah ... hingga menjelang buka puasa..
5. Buka Puasa bareng keluarga....& sholat maghrib...
6. Ke masjid untuk sholat isya’ plus tarawih,...
Supaya nggak bosen plus tambah temen dan tambah ilmu, mending masjid pindah2 aja sholat
isya’ nya... [pengalaman pribadi he..he..he..]
7. Kalo bisa ikut tadarus qur’an bersama teman2 /bapak2 dimasjid.. [paling kita hanya baca
2-3 makraj doang he..he..he.. abis itu ngabisin makanan kecil 4–7 bungkus ha.ha..ha..ha..]
8. jam 21.30 malam.. Pulang!!!, tidur... persiapan untuk hari esok...

Udah dulu ya..
mau buka email lagi..
siapa tau blog mengais dollar ini kembali dapat rejeki nomplok dari paidreview...

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Sep 2, 2009

Gempa Di Tasik!!

Wah sore ini sekitar jam 15.00 WIB, terjadi gempa!! Allahu Akbar !!!
saya yang lagi serius-seriusnya kerja didepan PC, ternyata juga ikut merasakan getaran yang cukup kenceng..
padahal kantor saya ada di semarang, terus gempa di tasik.. subhannallah... jauuuh banget..
tapi.. eit tunggu dulu. ada temen jakarta yang SMS....
Ternyata dijakarta juga terasa banget....
7.3 skala richter [tulisane betul nggak ya??] subhanallah...
ya allah, semoga bencana ini nggak sedahsyat sunami aceh...
aku sekarang udah masuk kantor lagi.. di lantai 5 eh.. ternyata masih disuruh keluar lagi.. masih belum aman...kata pak kepala keamanan gedung..
udah dulu ya..
semoga nggak memakan korban yang banyak..

Ya Allah, Seakan engkau menunjukkan kebesaranMu lagi Kepada Kami...

Semarang. 02 sept.09 jam.15.00 wib

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Sep 1, 2009

Perfect Women Opinion about Nap Mat

Yesterday while visiting an old friend home, Neny [the star of my class at school], I was very surprised, because she now has become a young mother. Well, she [who ever to be a smart girl at our class], now has become an executive officer, who has two toddlers. At that time, she was holding her 2-year-old child, so comforting the child in his mother's arms, as this child does not feel that he reply in a large duffel bag!!. Well neni holding her child by using stephen joseph quilted backpack, backpack for toddlers made from 100% cotton, very safe and comfortable and has many very interesting forms. Beside its easy to clean and there are machine washable and durable.
Neny said, that she feels comfortable when using stephen joseph quilted backpack as well as toddlers and with her child, her child feel comfortable in his mother's arms ..

On the other side of her 5-year-old, fast a sleep next to his mother .. very soundly sleeping child,… I am interested with the toddlers used as bedding, Well he used daycare nap mat. A high nap mat quality. Hmm , I think this nap mat, same with daycare nap mat in place of my sister's child care … very high quality nap mat..It's is very convenient for child, because it was so comfortable...

Neny explained that her son who was asleep now nursery school, and he loved to bring toys and snacks for school. Apparently still troublesome, but by using the stephen joseph backpack , all look like simple and all these problems are solved .then Neny indicates that child's name written on the school bag..

Hm.. Neny you are really smart women... it even as a busy women, she never forget to choice the best quality stuff for her children..
That afternoon I was really getting valuable experience from my smart old friend ... Neny.

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Today, my Muhasabah time

1 september 2009,
Umur diri semakin berkurang,
Hitungan nafas count down, entah kurang berapa digit lagi sisa nafas ini....
Mencoba untuk menyadarkan diri akan fitrah hidup insani...
September 2009.. 1/3 ramadhan sudah terlewati..
Mencoba merenung..
Apa yang sudah didapat selama 1/3 ramadhan...
Sudah benarkah cara beribadah...
Sudah tepatkah perilaku diri..

1 september 2009 artinya....
Mencoba untuk imbangkan kehidupan duniawi dan ukhrawi..
Mencoba lebih mawas diri, hindari melakukan hal yang kurang berarti..
Coba kurung iri, dengki dan rasa benar pada diri...
Mencoba sirami dengan rasa ikhlas tuk membentengi diri
dari rasa amarah yang sering membakar hati..

1 september 2009
1/3 ramadhan...
Ya allah,
Terima kasih atas kesempatan hidup yang kau anugerahkan..

Ya mujibu..
Kau Maha mengabulkan ya Allah...
Malu diri ini bila ingat semua doa yang engkau kabulkan....
Yang merasa tetap selalu kurang..
Yang terlalaikan.. karena diri jarang bersyukur..

1 september 2009..
Starting to introspection about anything.....


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Aug 29, 2009

Resep Giat Ibadah di bulan Ramadhan Untuk Blogger

Selamat pagi bro..
Waah sori pagi pagi bengong, mending nulis resep giat ibadah di bulan ramadhan ...
Gini bos, kali ini saya akan ngasih sedikit trik, tapi bukan trik mengais dollar, maupun trik untuk mendapatkan dollar melalui trekpay, meski sangat mudah [2 minggu udah dapat 0.75 dollar, planing 2 bulan baru dapat 5.5 dollar alias pay out..] wei... stop.. kok malah ngomongi dollar lagee....

Begini bos,
Aku menerapkan prinsip blogger matre pada ibadah bulan ramadhan ini, loh... maksudte gimana ....?? bingung tho?? He..he..he...

Sebagaimana udah menjadi kebiasaan umum , pas kalo ramadhan kita di sarankan berlomba-lomba untuk beribadah, baik itu sholat fardhu, maupun sunah, karena sebagaimana kita ketahui, ibadah bulan ramadhan ini berlipat lipat pahalanya..
Dan alangkah baiknya jika kita manfaatkan waktu 1 bulan ini untuk mengejar janji allah...

Namun, hal tersebut nggak mudah bro.. banyak kendala,salah satunya MALES alias kendor tengah jalan...iya khan?? He..he..he.. sama... dulunya aku juga gitu bro..
Nah semangat itu bisa muncul bila kita lakukan hal sebagai berikut :

1. Rasa malas sholat tahajud, dan sholat subuh ke masjid..
Untuk mengatasinya yang saya lakukan.. saya bilang sama diri sendiri kalo nunggu bal-balan alias sepakbola aja auto wake up. ...alias langsung bangun.. hayo masa untuk beribadah kalah??
insya allah hati akan langsung tergugah.. :)

2. sholat Isya dan taraweh.
Aku ingatkan pada diri sendiri,... sholat isya yang cuman 1 jam plus tarawih kok males, , lah wong untuk Pergi ke warnet aja nggak males, bahkan kadang malem2, eh ..ini cuman sekitar 1 jam sholat di masjid saja kok males...

2. Males bersodaqah di bulan puasa..
Aku bilang pada diri sendiri, kalo untuk bayar pulsa indosat untuk internetan dirumah saja nggak eman-eman alias nggak keberatan, eh.. untuk sodaqoh kok malah kendor... ???

Nah dari tips diatas, alhamdulillah, manjur buat diri saya sendiri, so jadi tambah terus nih semangat ibadah dibulan ramadhan ini, insya allah lebih bagus dari ramadhan tahun lalu...
Gimana dengan rekan2 blogger??

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Aug 25, 2009

Info dari admin Entre Card

Pagi ini browsing di adminnya entrecard.. eh.. dapat info yang cukup mencengangkan..
gimana tidak..
sebentar lagi admin mereka si mbak Cindy Ung,
merencanakan untuk mengurangi kredit bagi member entrecard..
yah.. mereka merencanakan kredit hanya diberikan kepada dropper alias tukang klik entrecard doang..
jadi bagi pemilik blog yang diklik, mereka nggak akan ngasih point kredit lagi...
wah... tambah pelit nih keliatannya admin entrecard...
hmm kalo ini jadi dilaksanakan, wah dapat dipastikan deh,.
kredit entrecard jadi mahaaaalll..
wah kesempatan nih bagi para member entrecard yang punya credit banyak diatas 10.000 ec.
tinggal nunggu saja, kalo emang jadi dilaksanakan kebijaksanaan tersebut,
maka bisa jadi kaya deh pemilik credit entrecard dengan menjual credit mereka...
kira-kira berapa harga 10000 ec nantinya ya??

oh ya bro..
aku bingung nih...
kenapa Page Rank Blog mengais dollar ini kok jadi TANDA TANYA GEDE ya??
waduh...dari PR2 ke PR?.....
apa mau kena pancung Google ya..Kebanyakan repiew apa ya..
wee.. puasa puasa kok kayak gitu tho lek google..
kenapa ya ada yang tau atau pernah ngalamin hal yang sama bos??

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Aug 24, 2009

info Tentang PickJack Lagi

Selamat sore bos..
wah ..hari pertama masuk kerja di bulan ramadhan ini sungguh..ruaaarrr biasa..
maksude padet banget bos jalanan.. padahal aku udah perkirakan kalo akan macet di daerah semarang atas terutama gombel, trus aku coba berangkat lebih pagi [berangkat kerja jam 7.45 wib, biasanya jam delapan tet baru berangkat..]tetapi nggak nyangka kali ini jam segitu lalu lintas sangat macet, wah.. mana panas lagi...hmm.. nggak papa deh ... itung2 latihan kesabaran..he.he.he..
sori bro.. kok aku malah ngomongin masalah lalu lintas yang macet. Padahal, pagi ini mengais dollar mau nginfoin kalo account pickjack "tanya jawab berhadiah dollar" milik mengais dollar sekarang udah punya 5 refferal, thanks ya bro udah mau jadi refferalku :), meskipun pendapatannya super keciiilll, yah ini cuman untuk iseng2 ngasah otak sambil mengais dollar..
bagi rekan - rekan yang mau 'coba tes kecerdasan" nggak ada salahnya kalo nyoba dulu baca artikel ini.
okeh.. gitu dulu ya..
selamat berpuasa bagi yang menjalankannya...

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Aug 23, 2009

Mengais dollar On the Ramadhan time

Alhamdulillah... nggak terasa ya udah masuk hari ke dua bulan ramadhan...
Pagi2 habis sholat subuh dapat ilmu dari pak kiai, ...
Sebenarnya kita ini SIMATUPANG, eh..sori loh mas simatupang... ini hanya kiasan alias kependekan dari suatu hal yang kalo bener2 kita pikir dengan logika sekalipun, akan membuat kita sejenak tercenung,...

So, what is simatupang, ....??
Siang Malam Tunggu Panggilan, tuh.. kata pak kiai pagi tadi...
Bener juga loh.. semua pasti harus siap nunggu panggilan Allah...
Meskipun, saya yakin, saya sendiri bener bener masih butuh sangu amal untuk akherat, yah .. gimana nggak .. selama ini masih matre mengais dollar saja..., kadang bangun malam, hampir 3 jam hanya buat tongkrongin blog... ya allah...
Padahal kalo sholat saja nggak lebih dari 10 menit......
Hmm... i will try to change my live,...
Kurangi sifat matre mengais dollar, tambahin sifat nur ilahi, kejar prestasi akherat......

Bismillah...insya allah bisa..
Gimana dengan rekan2 blogger??
Mengais dollar tetep jalan, tapi ibadah lebih jalan & lebih khusyu’ yah..
Nah sekarang jam 5.30 pagi,.. saatnya buka email... siapa tau ada panggilan duniawi, alias kiriman recehan dollar he.he..he...
Kalo pagi2 gini biasanya konek internet gampang plus cepeet loh...

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Aug 22, 2009

Tentang Alexa Mengais dollar

Selamat pagi bro..
wah bangun tidur ..tidur lagi.. bangun lagi... ngeblog lagi...he..he.h.e
almarhum mbah surip banget yah... :)
oke bos selamat pagi,
Selamat beribadah puasa bagi rekan2 yang muslim, .. keep until maghrib yoo.. he..he.he..
wah seneng nih... buka blog pagi2 abis sholat subuh...ini khan puasa pertama,
habis pulang subuhan di masjid trus jalan2 di dunia maya... ...
yah.. mau nulis apa ya..
oh ya bro.. aku pag tadi ngecek alexa rank ku , lumanyan sekarang jadi satu juta tiga ratusan.. dan saat ngecek pengunjungnya..
weee. kok 89.9 persen orang indonesia, temen2 dan sahabat sebangsa..
dan 10.1 persen orang amrik...
trus untuk alexe traffic rank in other countries:
* 20,500 Indonesia
* 1,286,749 United States

aku jadi bingong.. kemarin nulis Marhaban ya Ramadhan...
apa orang amrik temennya mikel jeksen mudeng yo... he.he..he..
udah gitu dulu ya infonya...
ntar tak cari wangsit dulu untuk nulis lagi yang bener-bener manfaat .. ngggak amburadul kayak gini..
oke bro.. untuk nunggu beduk maghrib.. isi yukk dengan hal yang manfaat...

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Aug 21, 2009

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan

Wah pengumuman Pak Mentri Agama tadi malam ternyata mengharuskan saya membuat posting tambahan untuk merevisi postingan kemarin..
Ternyata puasa akan dimulai baru besok sabtu.. Karena menurut beliau beliau para ahli falaq, ketinggian bulan belum sempurna masih kurang - 1 derajat [minus satu derajat]..
yah alhamdulillah, Nahdatul Ulama dan Muhammadiyah kompak lagi kali ini..
Bukannya apa-apa, ternyata islam bener2 luar biasa, mengandung unsur demokrasi yang sangat luar biasa, melebihi demokrasi yang di sembah orang amrik, demokrasi kebebasan yang ngladrah alias norak..
mengais dollar mengucapkan marhaban ya ramadhan, marhaban sahrur siyami..,
semoga full and mendapat barokah dari allah...


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Aug 20, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa , bloggers!!

Tak terasa besok [kemungkinan] sudah memasuki bulan ramadhan lagi ya..
subhannalllah.. nggak terasa sudah hampir satu tahun yang lalu kita berpuasa ramadhan, dan kali ini kita kembali dengan kesadaran dan keikhalasan kita "say marhaban ya ramadhan", welcome our big chance to be best person..!!
Ya 1 ramadhan 1430 Hijriyah sudah diambang pintu,...
yuk rame2 penuhi masjid, ...
pasti deh rekan blogger udah punya big schedule untuk ramadhan kali ini..
yang jelas, mengais dollar mengurangi aktifitas berinternet ria untuk malam hari...
kalo dulu porsi 40% malam hari buka internet, sekarang porsi turun jadi 20% berinternet ria.. ganti dengan kegiatan ramadhan lah..
insya allah akan menyegarkan rohani dan jasmani kita.. so nggak begaul ama monitor melulu..!!
porsi berinternet pindahin ke siang hari dikantor..he..he..he..he.. biar nggak ngantuk & capek kerja melulu.. :)
yang pasti, kegitan internet 1-2jam aja malam hari, khusus buka email, liat apakah ada tawaran repiu lagi,... he..he..he..
pokoknya ...
mengais dollar mengucapkan selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa bagi rekan2 bloger sedunia yang muslim.. [we.. yg ngerti bahasa indonesia dong bos :) ]
mari kita songsong bulan penuh berkah dengan lebih fokus pada ibadah..ibadah.. dan ibadah...
meski kita juga tetep nggak boleh ninggalin repiew, repiew dan repiew, yang menghasilkan dollar... he.he..he..
kalo kita bisa manage waktu, pastilah semua akan berjalan smoothly, nyaman dan menyenangkan..
oke .. marhaban ya ramadhan... selamat datang bulan berkah... bulan penuh rahmah dan ampunan...

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Aug 19, 2009

Great Way to Make Smart Exhibition Stand

If you want to make a product exhibition surely some of equipment needed to support your succeed selling products. One of the things that are important to attract customers stand to see your stand product, and to meet the needs of these, its very smart if we could choose the trade show booths which have high quality and effectiveness .

For example, to give a picture about your stand product, I believe, it is very smart when we use the attractive banner stands, imaginary, efficient and very interesting for the customer. Because the customer is possible to come to our stand if they are interested after reading the banner stands we are both from good design and writings.
In addition to this, for make our table stand look nice, we can use table skirts to give nice table cover and look interesting, then the customer will be interested to come to the stand we have. With best type of table skirt that we can choose, hope it will more interesting customer to come to our stand.

It is very important that we have to note in making a stand for the event space is the background for our stand. Surely, smart person will use Pipe and Drape system to overcome this. With pipe and drape system products from, we can use it for stand alone display and the result is very good and interesting. Just for your info, Pipe & drape is easy to set up because you don't need tools! Because there are screw fit and slip fit versions.
With all above, it can be ascertained that your product exhibition will be able to attract many customers and actually, of course, will increase our product sales.

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Coretan Mengais Dollar

Pagi temen2... sehat2 tho?? he..he.he..
setelah ngasih tau trekpay, yang kebanyakan temen2 ada yang cuman ketawa he..he..he.. dui kecil.. ada yang mau coba dan ada yang nggak mudeng..
semoga jadi mudeng setelah coba yah...
aku sendiri masih dapet 103 point.. eh. kok malah info trekpay..!! sori bro..
siang ini aku mau curhat nih.. udah 3 hari aku flu berat.. yah malam 17 agustusan nggak buka internet sama sekali... satu hari full nggak buka internet...malam tujuhbelasan ikut lek-lekan biar nggak sampe pagi tapi “sempet nyaingin pak RT kuat2 an melek malem” he..he.hee.. [aku yakin kalo pak RT nggak pake doping Rokok, pasti keok he..he.he].

pagi, setelah sholat subuh, buka email.. jreennggg.. banyak yang masuk.. ada yang nyenengin, ada yang nyusahin ada yang spam de el el pokoke komplit-plit..

yang nyusahin, blog mengais dollar ditolak ama adonbaner alasannya nggak tau aku.. mungkin pake hosting gretongan alias gratisan yah..:(
trus ada lagi email ngasih tau hosting domainku down 24 jam.. eitt.. mentang2 tujuh belas agustus ikutan upacara apa yah..
nah ini nih berita gembiranya…
dapat pembayaran dari buyboughtreview, 2.1 dollar, trus…
ada tambahan dari paidtopromote , dan yang paling nyegerin adalah.. dapat jobrepiew lagi total 27 dollar untuk 2 blog termasuk blog mengais dollar ini. Tawaran datang dari blogsvertise..
lumayan.. udah yah.. begitu dulu berita dari mengais dollar yang lagi amburadulllll….
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Aug 14, 2009

Trekpay, ubah poin jadi Dollar

Setelah sekian lama vakum dari dunia mengais dollar, dikarenakan lebih konsen ke kontesnya om eros, --dan jadi pemenang ketiga, lumayan... --- pagi ini mengais dollar mau info’in ke rekan-rekan blogger money mania mengenai program poin per klik yang mirip PTC, namun lebih simpel dan lebih mudah..gimana nggak mudah, cuman sekali klik nggak perlu nunggu itungan angka mundur :), kayak di PTC, trus langsung deh kita dapat poin..
program ini adalah trekpay program, dimana kita dibayar 1 point untuk display web, dan 3 point untuk klik iklan di web tersebut..Tiap minggu poin yang kita dapat akan di konversi ke dollar.. hingga terkumpul 5.5 dollar, langsung mereka transfer ke paypal kita..

CAUTION: Only one(1) account per household is allowed!!!

program ini cukup mudah dan ggak butuh waktu banyak. Pembayaran akan dilakukan setelah akun kita mencapai 5.5 dollar. mudahkan??
Silakan coba deh disini.

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Aug 6, 2009

Inspirasi untuk Meraih Rumah Idamanmu

Rumah idaman ??
Sebenarnya yang bagaimana sih rumah idaman itu??
Dulu, sebelum menikah, selalu menginginkan dan membayangkan hal yang terbaik yang harus saya raih dan saya dapatkan, punya kerjaan tetap, istri cantik, anak 2 laki dan perempuan, serta rumah yang bagus yang dikelilingi kebun dan taman….
Wahh… I think that’s all people dreaming !! kayak mirip sinetron [minus konflik keluarga he..he..he..]
Dan impian memiliki “rumah idaman” akhirnya –setelah menikah dan punya anak—tercapai juga, meskipun realitanya tidak seindah bayangan dulu waktu masih bujangan.
Rumah idaman bagi saya saat ini adalah…… ya rumah yang saya huni saat ini [he..he..he..bukankah itu tanda syukur ?]
Meskipun tidak dikelilingi taman seperti impian dulu, dan luas tanah hanya berukuran 102 m2 namun rumah ini menyimpan 100 ribu lebih cerita suka duka dalam proses pembelian tanah hingga pembangunannya, menguras energi, pikiran dan dompet tentunya :).

Pembangunan rumah
Proses pengurasan energi dan biaya [wih terlalu dramatisir ya?] dimulai saat pembangunan rumah, karena dulu belum kenal salah satu situs properti online yang memberikan dan menyediakan informasi mengenai daftar rumah dijual dari berbagai wilayah di Indonesia, serta memberikan info segala hal mengenai rumah, yah saya mencoba mencari model rumah melalui media offline dan online..
Lewat internet saya cari bentuk rumah dan denah ruang yang bagus, tak kalah semangatnya lewat offline saya dan rombongan [istri dan 2 anak balita] dengan bersepeda motor sering kunjungi pameran perumahan yang ada di kota semarang dan minta brosur :( doang he..he.he..
Setelah kutak-katik bersama istri [saat itu masih tinggal dirumah orang tua, oh ya, makasih ya bapak dan ibuku tercinta yang saat itu [tahun 2003-2008] masih mau nampung saya meski 5 taun nikah dan punya 2 anak kecil, tapi masih boleh nebeng… bila ingat saat itu….., .. sungguh, bu – pak, insya allah suatu saat saya akan membalas sesuai kemampuan saya.] .. setelah kutak katik eh.. ternyata biaya pembangunan nggak nyukupin .. maksudnya duit yg ngendon di dompet nggak nyampe…alias kurang!!, yah terpaksa deh pake jurus bang Roma Irama [gali lobang tutup lobang alias ngutangg bank :) ]
Karena pake jurus bang roma, maka pembangunan rumah pun nggak semulus idaman para “pengantin baru” alias rumah nggak langsung siap pake. Yah emang pembangunan rumah tinggalku melalui proses 2 tahap, pembangunan awal tahap 1[seperti gambar disamping atas bos  ] dimana rumah bangunan masih dalam bentuk tembok plester.Kemudian setelah hampir 1 tahun, [nyelesaikan utang 1 tahun dulu] trus memulai proses pembangunan tahap ke 2 , tahap finishing/penyelesaian, tentunya setelah berhasil “menyekolahkan sertifikat tanah ke bank” alias meyakinkan bank dengan “melakukan pinjaman alias utang lagi”

Alhamdulillah, sekarang sudah bisa mandiri, makan mandi dirumah sendiri, meski nggak semegah bayangan waktu jadi pasangan muda dulu, setidaknya rumah ini adalah “rumahku, impianku” yang nyata, yang menyimpan 1001 cerita, menyimpan harapan bagi aku dan keluarga, tempat beribadah dan bersosialisasi dengan warga, bermasyarakat dan lebih mendekatkan diri pada allah yang maha kuasa.
Bagi rekan2 yang berkantong cepak dan bergaji pas-pasan seperti saya, saya cuman bisa ngasih masukan aja, bahwa kalo kita mau berusaha, berhemat dalam hal keuangan, meningkatkan ibadah dan tak lupa berdoa, insya allah, pasti Allah ngasih kita jalan untuk mendapatkan rumah, walaupun melalui jalan yang sangat terjal, berliku dan rumit sekalipun!!.
Semoga cerita ngalor ngidul saya diatas, bisa menjadi inspirasi dan motivasi bagi rekan2 semua untuk bisa meraih rumah idaman…So keep your faith.
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Aug 4, 2009

Nap Mat, Smart Women Option

As a young mother, executive women who have children, especially the preschool and kindergarten nursery age child, it is very reasonable if the child should have the high quality equipment, prestige and practice.
Now is not surprise, if a lot of young female, smart executive women, using nap mat products for their children and also themselves, because the goods produced is very strong and consists of material selected. In addition, the product simple and very practical choice for the young mother at this time.

Truly its a glory for the young mothers who used laundry bag which have beautiful design, simply and have very flexible models. This item, consists of some beautiful types. With this product. they can easily and comfortable using a laundry bag with shoulder strap, so that portability and impressive, don’t worry, its cheap !

Completeness of the goods for household needs for executive women /young mother is a important thing. The young mother is very clever in choosing the type of toiletries for her family, no wonder, many young mothers who chosen towel wrap, as gifts for friends [a gift for a colleague who has a baby] and off course, she also used it for her child, husband, even himself. Women like the products as a towel wrap which have 9 types full great quality and very comfortable.

This globalization era are changing the lives of the mother/ executive women to be more smart, clever and experts in the needs of the family, [and buy a gift for their colleagues].

Product which have best quality is surely known and liked by executive women’s , Because by using these products, they have several advantages, : low price, exclusive and prestigious product. Beside they get best product..
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